February 25, 2012; Orlando FL, USA; NBA commissioner David Stern addresses the media at the Amway Center in Orlando. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

David Stern and Jim Rome: When going too far goes too far!

By now, everyone on planet Earth and Mars for that matter, have heard about David Stern’s comments made towards Jim Rome in an interview that took place today. Jim Rome interviewed the NBA’s commissioner, David Stern, about the draft lottery. Rome asked Stern if the draft was fixed. Stern was offended by the question, and replied, “Are you still beating your wife?” Many of us know how anal and disrespectful Jim Rome can be. However, in this interview Jim Rome was actually behaving himself. Rome explained himself towards the end of the interview. However, David Stern was relentless in assuming (or presuming; both words fit…LOL) that Jim Rome was taking a jab at him. Towards the end of the interview, David Stern gives Rome an uppercut by telling him, “I have to go talk to someone important like Stephen A. Smith.”

Jim Rome merely asked what many people feel: is the NBA fixed? From the 1985 Draft, to the Blazers/Lakers Western Conference Final, Game 7 in 2000, and many other instances, sometimes it appears that NBA games are fixed. As a journalist, Jim Rome has to ask that question. However, Jim Rome has made a name for himself, and not a good name for himself. In some of his interviews, Rome disrespects his guests; the reason why Stern was offended.


As the NBA commissioner, David Stern could have shared his discontent with the question; however, he did not have to become disrespectful. Some people may call for Stern to be fire. I think that is too extreme. However, I will say that David Stern should give a formal apology to Jim Rome, NBA players and coaches, and NBA fans. My question is, “Who is going to fine David Stern?” He fines NBA coaches and players for comments that they make. Now, he goes off the deep end, but he gets a pass because he is in charge? We need people to police the police, and in this situation, we need someone to fine David Stern, the king of fining players.

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