If a team outside the top 5 wants to draft one of these guys, they're going to have to give up a lot.

Bobcats asking too much for number two?

Word around the sports universe is the Charlotte Bobcats are actively shopping the second pick of the NBA draft. The other word floating around there is that the Bobcats are asking too much for that pick.

But, how much is too much?

It is true that after Anthony Davis there isn’t a surefire franchise-changer in this draft. It’s also true that the players who will be drafted at spots two through six don’t have much separation between them.

Most people following the story agree that Charlotte is probably asking for at least two picks in return for the second pick, as well as requesting that their trade partner take on the salary of either Corey Maggette, Gana Diop or Tyrus Thomas.

Depending on who they make a deal with, those demands could be a little unreasonable…  OR, they could make a fair trade.

There are two teams with one pick in the top ten and another pick outside that range that the Bobcats would love to make a deal with.

Cleveland has picks four and 24. They don’t have much else worth trading for (that they’d be willing to give up, anyway). Trading their two picks and taking on a salary dump is the only way the Cavs could get Charlotte’s second overall pick.

The Portland Trailblazers, however, own the sixth and 11th picks. To give up both those picks and take on a mediocre (Thomas), over-the-hill (Maggette) or horrible (Diop) basketball player would be a bit of a stretch just to move up to the second spot in the 2012 NBA draft.

A trade could still happen, though. Pick two for picks six and 11 might still be a stretch, but if Portland wants to move up and get their man (some say Thomas Robinson, some say Michael Kidd-Gilchrist), they would have to consider that deal.

The other teams with multiple picks in this year’s draft don’t really have much wiggle-room if they want to make a deal with the Bobcats.

Houston has two mid level picks (14 and 16), so Charlotte is going to insist on receiving both of those picks and they’re probably not going to make a deal unless the Rockets take on someone like Thomas/Maggette/Diop. If I were Charlotte, though, I would ask for pick 14 and Goran Dragic in return for pick two and Thomas/Maggette/Diop, and I’d definitely consider that deal even if the Rockets wouldn’t take one of those three guys.

The Warriors also have two picks in this year’s draft (seven and 30). There’s no way Charlotte gives up the second pick solely for Golden State’s two first rounders, though. It would be hard to make the salaries match up in a trade involving players, though, so it’s hard to speculate on a deal that would work.

Boston has two picks, but they don’t seem interested in moving up, so it looks like if the second pick is going to be dealt, the team that gets it will also have to burden themselves with a high salary/low skill player.

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