Does the hiring of Mike Dunlap, solidify Harrison Barnes as the Bobcats #2 pick?

By now, the whole world knows that the Charlotte Bobcats have a new head coach. Mike Dunlap, formerly an assistant with St. John’s University, was recently hired to coach the Charlotte Bobcats. In my opinion, Michael Jordan wanted a coach who was going to push his #2 draft pick. I’m going to insert Harrison Barnes name here. Let’s be honest. Michael Jordan is licking his chops about the opportunity to draft Harrison Barnes. There is a great deal of significance here. Star player from Carolina gets drafted by the icon, the man, Michael Jordan, also known as “MJ,” and “Air Jordan,” who also starred at Carolina. Harrison Barnes in the best shooter out of the top five NBA prospects. You could argue that John Jenkins is a better shooter; however, Jenkins may not be drafted in the lottery. I think Jenkins will crack the top 20, though.

As for Mike Dunlap, he has a reputation for being a “crazy worker,” and developing players. Dunlap was formerly the head coach at Metropolitan State in Denver, winning two NCAA Division II championships. In a recent interview, Dunlap had this to say, “Basically the three things I tried to nail down as a theme was one, my knowledge base, two my relationships with players over a long period of time, 32 years, and finally the ability to take a branding that obviously the organization wants. We’ll open this up a little bit with the youth, develop the youth, and bring it along so that people can actually see that we play a style of basketball that’s very aggressive. It’s attacking basketball both offensively and defensively. And that’s a message that obviously resonated with them.” Barnes needs an NBA head coach with Dunlap’s mindset and expertise. He may not be a household name like Phil Jackson, but that doesn’t mean that Dunlap cannot succeed with the Charlotte Bobcats. Dunlap could possibly change the atmosphere in Charlotte when we discuss professional basketball. I do not predict that the Bobcats will win 60 games next season. However, the right situation which includes the right head coach, a few new veterans on the roster, and a couple of smart draft picks, could bring an NBA playoff team back to the QC, as in Queen City.

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