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The Charlotte Bobcats, worst value in sports (cards)?

It was a slow, maddening, hopeless morning, until I saw this tweet (kind of) about the Charlotte Bobcats:

An Adam Morrison rookie card for 12 freaking dollars? Naturally, I started to think. “What in God’s name is the collective worth of each individual rookie card of the players drafted in the first round by the Charlotte Bobcats?”

It was a noble pursuit, but a hard one. I decided Ebay was the best “decider-of-value”, then focused my attention on figuring out every player Charlotte has drafted in the first round since the Bobcats were born.

There wasn’t a single bid on an actual Morrison Bobcats rookie card, and the most expensive “Buy it Now”, non autographed, Topps card was a “luxury box” edition, of which only 499 were produced. The card was selling for 10 dollars.

Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo didn’t have any Bobcats rookie cards on Ebay, so my search shifted to Gerald Henderson. He’s had an OK tenure in the NBA so far, so I was surprised to see that the most expensive non glitzy-gold-plated-mega-super-duper card cost just five dollars.

Alexis Ajinca’s rookie card is worth at most nine dollars (buy it now) and at least 15 cents (bid ending soonest). D.J. Augustin’s is worth 10 dollars, Jared Dudley’s is worth five dollars and Brandan Wright’s could net you 10 dollars.

Sean May’s rookie card costs five dollars and his draft-mate Raymond Felton’s card is worth six bucks.

Finally, Emeka Okafor, the first player ever drafted in the first round by the Charlotte Bobcats, has a normal, non autographed rookie card worth around nine dollars.

Again, these numbers were secured in the most technologically advanced of ways: Sifting through Ebay until I found the first normal, non autographed, non special edition rookie card of each player (my search setting was highest price first).

With that in mind, if you had one rookie card from each of the players Charlotte selected in the first round since the Bobcats’ inception, you would be sitting on about 69 bucks if you were lucky.

Hopefully there’s some free agent news to talk about later. If not, I might just put my head through a wall.

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