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Should the Charlotte Bobcats help Dwight Howard get to Brooklyn? (yes)

The Cavs have dropped out of the discussion between four teams involved in a 16 player trade that would ultimately send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn. The Charlotte Bobcats have stepped in.

The biggest cog in the deal is Kris Humphries’ assertion that he will not be part of any sign-and-trade that doesn’t end with him getting a long-term deal. Cleveland was only willing to take him on for one season.

There are indications that the Bobcats are willing to sign him for more than that one year:

Some people say Charlotte might take the Clippers out of this deal too, because the Bobcats also want Marshon Brooks:

In the old deal, the Clippers would have reportedly sent a first round pick to the Nets for Brooks, and the Cavs would have reportedly received a first round pick along with Humphries (before they backed out). So, perhaps Charlotte could just keep the pick they would have to send for Brooks and not receive a pick with Humphries (Orlando probably wouldn’t like that).

Here’s why taking on those two players would make (so, so) so much sense for the Bobcats: Brooks (in his rookie season) scored 15.5 points, grabbed 4.4 rebounds and dished out 2.9 assists per 36 minutes last season. Humphries is 26 and he’s averaged a double-double the past two seasons. Last year he scored 13 points and grabbed 11 rebounds a game.

The Bobcats would have a log jam at the 2-guard position if they landed Brooks, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s better to have to find minutes for a few good players than be forced to give minutes to one bad guy. And he’s a productive player who’s signed to a rookie deal.

When it comes to Humphries, there’s really no reason not to take him on and give him the deal he wants; Charlotte was 28th in points in the paint last year and 29th in rebounding.

The other thing to take into account is the opportunities Charlotte probably won’t have in the future; The Bobcats tried to get in on the Eric Gordon sweepstakes, and they tried to bring Goran Dragic to town. Young, productive players aren’t breaking down the door to get to the Queen City anytime soon. Outside of the draft, Humphries might be the best available player the Bobcats could get over the next few seasons.

This move (these moves) would not make the Bobcats so much better that Rich Cho’s build-through-the-draft philosophy would be compromised. But it would make the Bobcats more competitive and watchable.

If the Charlotte Bobcats don’t have to give up any first round draft picks (and they probably wouldn’t to get Humphries, at least), there’s no reason they should back off of this trade. If they have to give up a pick for Brooks, they should just let the Clippers play that role and take on Humphries and the pick that was going to Cleveland.

It’s not like they’ll be competing with the Nets for an Eastern Conference title any time soon, and creating a salary clogged monster in Brooklyn could actually benefit the Bobcats when those players in NY are on the decline, and Charlotte’s future (hopefully… hopefully… maybe?) stars are on the rise.

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