April 21, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets power forward Luis Scola (4) shoots a free throw against the Golden State Warriors during the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Charlotte Bobcats: Please Make a Move, grab Luis Scola

I’m not a fan of those Bleacher Report “(Insert team name here) Must Do This!” type of posts, but if there was ever a time for one of those articles, it’s now. The Charlotte Bobcats MUST grab Luis Scola off waivers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are interested, as are the Dallas Mavericks. Both of those teams already have quality power forwards. The Charlotte Bobcats do not (no offense to Bismack Biyombo and Byron Mullens. Nice off the bench, not in the starting lineup). The Mavs have $4 million left to work with this off season, so if Charlotte or Cleveland wants him, they’re going to have to put in a bid above that number. Cleveland might put in a $5 million bid, so what’s the harm in the Bobcats going with $5.5 million or $6 million?

That money for a guy who’s a career 17 point, 9 rebound a game player is chump change. It’s also a necessary risk for a team who could lose out on every single PF free agent they’ve targeted this off season (Hickson, Jamison, Humphries etc).

Carl Landry is available, but he’s an unrestricted free agent, and can pick the team he wants to go to.

The Bobcats need to talk to Antwan Jamison and tell him he’s their guy, but if he can’t commit, they’re going to focus their attention on landing Scola.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Jeffrey Taylor look like they’ll be solid NBA players, Ben Gordon will be instant offense off the bench behind Gerald Henderson, and Ramon Sessions was a nice pickup at PG. If Charlotte can get Scola and sign a true starting center (Brendan Haywood), the Queen City will see competitive basketball next year.

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