2012 Olympics: who bobcats fans should root against

We know all warmblooded Americans will be cheering for the red white and blue when the rock hits the hardwood in the 2012 Olympics, but since Charlotte had no players on any Olympic team, which squad should Bobcats fans love to hate?

It’s pretty simple: France. For no other reason than the fact they have Boris Diaw. Diaw was one of the main reasons for Charlotte’s NBA worst ever record last year. He quit on the team, then for some otherworldly reason, the Bobcats just let him walk… To a championship contender… Without so much as a second round pick in return.

His numbers skyrocketed and he looked like a new person.

If there’s any player in the Olympics Bobcats fans should despise it’s Diaw. Luckily for them, France will be the first team the USA destroys on its way to a Gold Medal.

Byron Mullens and Ben Gordon both could have represented Britain, but Mullens had an injury that kept him off the roster and Gordon never committed.

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