Charlotte Bobcats: Land of the Links

Most of the news dealing with the Charlotte Bobcats this morning has to do with the new NBA schedule. Since I’ve already dug into it a little bit, I’m no going to dig any deeper.

But, there is still some news and opinion floating out there not created by Roberto Gato, so lets dig into it.

Brendan Haywood thinks he and Ramon Sessions can be a big part in turning around the Bobcats fortunes:

”Myself and Ramon will be great additions to this team,” Haywood said. ”We’re looking forward to getting this thing started and help this team be better than it was last season.” 

Kemba Walker says he’s ready to start, but also says he’ll do whatever it takes to win games:

“Yeah, definitely,” Walker told HOOPSWORLD on if he plans on being the Bobcats’ starter at the point next season. “Why not? I feel like I should start but at the same time whatever happens, happens. I just want to win games and I’m ready to do whatever’s possible to do that.”

The Bobcats are letting fans vote on who wore the best attire in the Lady Cats auditions. All you have to do to pick a winner is click here.

Finally, and this doesn’t have anything to do with basketball, the Bobcats home is being turned into the home for the Democratic National Convention, and the Charlotte Observer is asking some pretty good questions about the situation.

And while much has already been done to prepare for the early September arrival of 35,000 people – delegates, journalists, protesters, celebrities and others – several key challenges remain for organizers.

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