Mar 24, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Syracuse Orange guard Scoop Jardine (11) reacts in the first half of the finals in the east region of the 2012 NCAA men

Scoop Jardine: Will he make the team?

Multiple media outlets are reporting that former Syracuse guard Scoop Jardine will get an invite to the Charlotte Bobcats training camp.

Jardine wasn’t drafted, and couldn’t play in the summer league after breaking his foot working out for the Utah Jazz.

That’s the hard news on Jardine, but what everyone wants to know is: Why is Charlotte inviting another short guard to camp, and will he make the team?

The answer to the first question: Your team can never have too many guards, over or undersized, in today’s NBA. It’s a guard’s league now, and NBA teams are doing whatever they can to make sure they have the ability to match up with the Derrick Roses, Kyrie Irvings, Dwayne Wades and Kobe Bryants of the world.

The answer to the second question: Probably.

Charlotte will probably be able to get Jardine relatively cheap, and since they didn’t land any of the off seasons high profile (or any profile for that matter) power forwards, the Bobcats still have some room under the cap to work with.

From a basketball standpoint it certainly makes sense. Jardine would go into the season as the Bobcats third point guard, and he can play some shooting guard as well.

He’s a career 36 percent three point shooter, he finished his four years at Cuse with a 54 percent true shooting percentage and, most importantly, he assisted on 34 percent of his teammates field goals while he was on the court in (very) Upstate New York.

Sure, he’ll have to prove himself at training camp, but if he does, there’s no reason not to put Jardine on the roster.

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