Charlotte Bobcats: Expectations for Dunlap in year one

Yes, the Charlotte Bobcats did just finish the worst season in the history of the NBA.

Yes, the Charlotte Bobcats haven’t been very good (except for one year) since the team’s inception.

Yes, the Charlotte Bobcats will have a relatively inexperienced team and a roster filled out with many of the same players that made last year’s debacle possible

But, that doesn’t mean Charlotte can’t have high expectations for Mike Dunlap in his first year at the helm of the Bobcats.

Keep in mind that “high expectations” for the Bobcats don’t necessarily meet the standard for “high expectations” most every other team in the league.

The first thing Bobcats fans should expect from Mike Dunlap is for him to change the culture that pervaded Time Warner Cable Arena a year ago.

Lethargy, lack of hustle and boredom were the themes of the day almost every time the team took to the court last season.

This year, the themes will be hard work, determination, and excitement.

Which brings us to the next thing Bobcats fans should expect; Fun basketball.

Dunlap will install a fast paced offense tailored to Kemba Walker’s game, and the team will run that offense, and run next year. A lot. Expect more highlights in transition, more diving around and more points to be scored for the home team this season.

Finally, Bobcats fans can expect Dunlap to make Bismack Biyombo, Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Jeffrey Taylor better. He’s renowned in the basketball world for his ability to develop young players, and I expect those four guys to have good years. Gilchrist and Walker could have special rookie and sophomore seasons.

The season is months away, but there is already a different feeling in the collective thread that binds Bobcats fans together.

Which brings me to a completely unrelated thing to expect at TWC Arena next season… Energy in the stands.

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