Is there a chance that Chris Paul could become a Bobcat in 2013?

Chris Paul is on record stating that he wouldn’t mind playing Michael Jordan in Charlotte (here: In addition, Chris Paul has already rejected an extension with the Clippers this summer ( Although these ESPN writers tell their audience not to read into either situation, I beg to differ. Let’s look at the facts. Chris Paul endorses Jordan Brand apparel; hence, he already has a relationship with Michael Jordan. Some of you may balk at this, and say that this doesn’t mean a lot since D.J. Augustine endorses Jordan Brand, also. No disrespect to D.J., but he and Chris Paul are not in the same category when it comes to talent. The fact that D.J. is no longer a Bobcat is irrelevant to this discussion.

Two, Chris is a native North Carolinian just like me. He doesn’t want his home state only to be viewed as a nice play to retire. Building a dynasty with arguably the greatest basketball player ever would be a nice accomplishment. Not to mention, Paul could lure another low post player here and change the Charlotte Bobcat franchise around. Imagine a starting lineup of Chris Paul, Ben Gordon, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Carlos Boozer, and Chris Kaman.

Last, many of us know that Paul would love a situation similar to the one in Miami or Los Angeles. The best thing for Paul may be to start over brand new. The Clippers have a nice, young team. Blake Griffin is gradually improving his low post game. However, I still think that LAC is not a good fit for Paul because there is a ceiling as to how well they can do. Now, that Steve Nash and Dwight Howard are Lakers, it is pretty much a wrap when it gets deep in the playoffs. Coming back to the Eastern Conference will fare Chris better than being in the West.

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  • Rob

    A starting line-up of Paul, Gordon, MKG, … BOOZER AND KAMAN? Firstly, I don’t think that line-up would scare more than about two or three other teams around the L anyway, but that aside…
    Boozer is over the hill and killing the Bulls right now, I wouldn’t so much as look at that guy for the ‘Cats given what his salary demands will be and how averse MJ is to spending money. If I thought we could get him at mid-level or less, then ok, but he’ll still want $8-10m and that’s twice what he’s worth at this stage of his career.
    No-one knows why Dallas gave Kaman that crazy $8m deal this year, but with Haywood, Biyombo and Mullens on the books, and just as we finally shed Gana’s absurd contract (perhaps we could re-sign him for the minimum, he owes us it), there’s not a chance on God’s green earth that the Cats throw Kaman the deal he’ll be looking for.
    Seriously think about more than names when you’re constructing scenarios. For example, given Utah is overloaded up front, perhaps either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap will be available. And if their stand-still-and-hope free agent policy doesn’t work, can the Spurs be beaten to re-signing Tiago Splitter? Those are two names I’d far prefer than the two you gave.

    • Horran Cameron

      I appreciate your comments and your difference of opinion. Actually, I agree with you somewhat in regards to Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap. I like them; however, I do not think they would want to come to Charlotte. Although Utah is a small market team, their franchise has been more successful; which is why they would probably stay there. As for Chris Kaman, he is a solid center. He was an all-star a couple of years ago, and to be honest, the Clippers would have been better off with him instead of DeAndre Jordan in my opinion. Kaman plays hard, and most of all he plays defense. He may not be the most athletic player, but that doesn’t mean that he is garbage, either. Boozer is a solid player, also. However, his problem is his attitude. Given that, the Bobcats need a bruiser down low and MJ would know how to maximize Boozer’s potential. After all, MJ won 3 rings w/Dennis Rodman who use to be a part of the Bad Boys.