March 7, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats guard Kemba Walker (1) talks to a referee during a time out in the game against the Utah Jazz at Time Warner Cable Arena. Jazz win 99-93. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Ramon Sessions or Kemba Walker: Who Should Be the Starting Point Guard?

The Charlotte Bobcats are moving in a different direction. Long gone are the talks that Michael Jordan doesn’t know what he is doing as an owner. After making good draft picks and picking up a few veterans, the Bobcats are poised to keep climbing up the rankings in the Eastern Conference. However, Mike Dunlap faces the challenge of deciding which player is going to run his team. He has to decide between Ramon Sessions and Kemba Walker.

Both players have similar playing styles. Neither one of them is much of a playmaker. They are small shooting guards, trapped in a point guard’s body. Nevertheless, by default one of them has to be the starting point guard.

Kemba Walker proved in college that he was a leader. He led a mediocre Huskies team to a championship in 2011. Literally, Kemba was a one-man show with UConn. As many of us know, a player’s college career may not be duplicated in the pros. The verdict is still out on Kemba Walker, as far as being a point guard. In my opinion, he may be better suited playing off the ball, but the Bobcats have Ben Gordon at the shooting guard position. Gordon is a shooting guard, nothing more, nothing less. Gordon is underrated at his position. Last season, Gordon lit up my other team, the Denver Nuggets, for 45 points, and he came off the bench while he played for the Detroit Pistons.

Ramon Sessions was doing quite well in Cleveland. He backed up Kyrie Irving at the point guard position, and he played the shooting guard position, also. In fact, Sessions played alongside Irving sometimes last season, prior to being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Sessions is an average player, who will flourish in the right system. I think that Ramon is more a point guard, than Walker is, however. If I was Mike Dunlap, I would make my decision based on who complemented the the other players better. The Bobcats do not need a scoring point guard. They need someone who is going to “dilfer” the team. “Dilfer” refers to Trent Dilfer, who was the quarterback of the 2000 NFL champion Baltimore Ravens. Dilfer’s job was not to turn the ball over, hand the ball to Jamal Lewis, and make wise passes. He was not supposed to beat opponents with his arm. In the Bobcats’ case, the starting point guard needs to defer to other players and minimize turnovers. The bread-and-butter from this team will be Gordon and Kidd-Gilchrist.

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