April 20, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats head coach Paul Silas talks to guard Kemba Walker (1) forward Derrick Brown (4) center Byron Mullens (22) and guard Gerald Henderson (15) during the game against the Memphis Grizzlies at Time Warner Cable Arena. Grizzlies win 85-80. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Charlotte Bobcats: Who Should Be In the Starting Lineup?

As it gets closer to the start of the new season, we have to think about who will start. Some people view being a starter as an indicator to how well a basketball player is. The point guard position is a toss-up between Ramon Sessions and Kemba Walker. In my opinion, the starting shooting guard should be Ben Gordon. Gerald Henderson is a decent player, but his shooting ability and range does not compare to Gordon’s. Ben Gordon scored 45 points in one game last season, and that was coming off the bench for the Pistons. Gordon will be a consistent scorer. The starting small forward should be Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I believe that he is the best player on the team. The great thing about MKG is that he will get better and better each season. The starting power forward position will be a toss-up between Bismayck Byombo and Tyrus Thomas. Many people assume that Byombo will the be starter. However, there are reports that Tyrus, better known as “Ty” nowadays, has added 20 pounds. Ty is more athletic than Biz, but Biz is a better defender than Ty. The center position will probably have Brendan Haywood as the starter. However, I will rule out B.J. Mullens. Mullens shocked me and many others last season with his play. Whoever comes off the bench will be key in the Bobcats’ run to the NBA playoffs. I think that the Bobcats need to go after a more power forward or center such as Utah’s Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, or Derrick Favors. I’m also a huge fan of Kenneth Faried, as well. One thing that all of us can agree on is that the Bobcats are taking steps in the right direction.

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