Sep 28, 2012; Medinah, IL, USA; Michael Jordan smokes a cigar as he watches the afternoon matches during the 39th Ryder Cup on day one at Medinah Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

When You're as bad as the Charlotte Bobcats, Nickname Change Might Be the MOST of Your Worries

In the aftermath of Michael Jordan’s exclusive interview session with Charlotte Observer scribe Rick Bonnell, a few of the things MJ said have taken hold in the world of the mainstream media.

He’s in this whole, you know, ownership thing for the long haul, he, in so many words, told his players to quit crying about Mike Dunlap’s long practices, and he’d bring back the Hornets nickname to Charlotte if New Orlean’s dropped it.

The last tidbit from Jordan was met with mostly figurative applause from those in the Carolinas, but one NBC Sports writer, Brett Pollakoff, woke up on the pissy side of the bed this morning and decided to tell Bobcats fans what they already knew.

Their team isn’t that good.

“The team’s nickname, colors, and uniforms are the least of Charlotte’s problems. The Bobcats have been over .500 just once in the team’s eight years since moving to Charlotte, and a history of questionable draft picks and decisions (or non-decisions) in free agency have them poised to repeat the feat in season number nine. The correct answer here from Jordan should have been an angry one talking about how he’s focused on the product on the court, and not the product in the gift shop.”

The product in the gift shop has been just as bad as the product on the court for Charlotte in recent years. And the thing is, CLT basketball lovers could care less if the team was named the Bobcats, Flight, Dragons or any other combination of crazy new names people came up with for them.

From the “Bring Back The Buzz Movement” to Cam Newton on last years opening night and everywhere in between, a ton of Charlotte hoops fans just want their Hornets back.

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