Apr 7, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA Atlanta Hawks forward Ivan Johnson (44) shoots a three pointer during the first half against the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte Bobcats One of the Worst At Giving Up The Three Ball

Before we dig into the hows and whys of the matter, it’s imperative to look at just how bad the Charlotte Bobcats are at giving up threes.

There are just four teams worse than them in 3pt percentage; Houston, Denver, Phoenix and New Orleans.

The Bobcats allow teams to shoot at just below a 38 percent clip from behind the arc, and that number is worse than it looks, because the team also gives up more made three pointers than any team in the league on more attempted three pointers than any team in the league.

It’s pretty simple how teams are doing this against Charlotte. The Bobcats run a decent amount of zone, and they don’t rotate quick enough on a decent amount of possessions.

If you run zone in the NBA, teams, even ones that don’t shoot the three well, are going to take long distance shots against you.

If you run a bad zone in the NBA, even teams that don’t shoot the three well are going to make those long distance shots.

Now, the zone isn’t the only problem. Charlotte doesn’t run only zone, or even mostly zone. But, when that type of defense is a big part of a team’s scheme, that team has to be able to execute it or else they’ll get burned like the Bobcats.

During Charlotte’s 10 game losing streak, opposing teams have shot 11.4 of 27.2 from downtown. That equates to a 42 percent three-point shooting percentage.

It’s pretty simple in the NBA. If a team takes 27 threes and shoots 42 percent from behind the arc, the other team is going to have a hard time winning the game.

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