Jan 6, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Charlotte Bobcats shooting guard Ben Gordon (8) warms up before the game against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Should Ben Gordon Play More For The Charlotte Bobcats?

We know Ben Gordon is not going to start for the Charlotte Bobcats, but should the see more playing time as the season goes on?

Well, a short and simple answer would be yes based on one short and simple stat: In the seven wins Gordon’s been a part of in Charlotte, he’s averaged 23 minutes per game. In the 21 losses he’s been in, Gordon’s averaged 21 minutes per game.

So. Just end the post right there, right? If he just played two more minutes per game the Bobcats would be undefeated, right?

If it were that simple, NBA coaches wouldn’t make millions of dollars a year.

In the past two games, Gordon has been a part of two big comebacks. The ‘Cats went 1-1 in those two games. The game previous to those two, against Chicago, Gordon’s efficient 15 points were a big reason Charlotte snapped its hideous losing streak. In those three games, he averaged 27 minutes per game, and that’s where I think he should be the rest of the year.

Gordon has the third highest PER on the team, he’s scoring the third most points per game for Charlotte and the best three-point shooting percentage (among players that take more than one three per game).

On the troublesome side, he isn’t great at much besides scoring, and he will turn 30 this year.

Charlotte has to limit his minutes, but they can’t be limited so much that the Bobcats are effectively taking one of their best players out the game.

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