Jan 9, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson (25) and Charlotte Bobcats forward Bismack Biyombo (0) fight for a rebound during the game at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Jefferson, Jazz Trounce Charlotte Bobcats Lowly Froncourt: Game 34 Recap

We concluded in yesterday’s game preview that the Utah Jazz’ frontcourt and the Charlotte Bobcats backcourt score too many points respectively for there to be a real advantage either way Wednesday night.

In short, a wash.

That means tonight’s game would be determined by which team’s weakness could be respectable for just one night: The Jazz’ backcourt or the Bobcats frontcourt. After stringing together a few decent games, the Bobcats frontcourt reverted back to being a incompetence.

Tyrus Thomas and Bismack Biyombo, the Bobcats starting big men, combined for zero points Wednesday night, and the Utah Jazz defeated the Bobcats 112-102. The Jazz were led by 26 points from Al Jefferson and 19 points from Paul Millsap.

Both players scored with ease in transition and in the half-court. Backup forward Derrick Favors added ten points in 20 minutes, and didn’t miss a shot.

The Jazz shot 53% from the field and continued the Bobcats trend of giving of high percentage three-point shooting. The Jazz shot 45% from distance with Gordon Heyward hitting four threes off the bench.

Ben Gordon continued his good play off the bench with 20 points as the leading scorer. Gerald Henderson, Ramon Sessions and Kemba Walker each chipped in 14 points, while Michael Kidd-Gilchrist added 15. The Bobcats backcourt outscored the Jazz frontcourt, but the absence of production from the Bobcats frontcourt hurt the team in the long run.

Hakim Warrick was the only Bobcats big man with more than two points. He played 18 points and added eight rebounds as well.

Games like this are perfect for showcasing the lack of talent in the Bobcats frontcourt right now. There aren’t many frontcourts in the league that don’t have guaranteed production each night from their bigs. The Bobcats lack it on both sides of the ball. There’s not a scorer, or very good jumpshooter, even when Byron Mullens is in the lineup.

Defensively, there’s some athleticism and length, but despite those gifts, players like Biyombo and Thomas still manage to get outmatched. It’s a broken record, but a viable reason as to why the Bobcats just don’t get the consistency they’d ideally like to have.

Whether it’s at the trade deadline, in free agency, or the draft, the Bobcats need to make some significant changes to their frontcourt to have a chance at winning more games. Otherwise it’s going to be up to the assortment of Bobcats guard to have to shoot the team back into games each night.

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