Jan 6, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Charlotte Bobcats small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (14) during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace. Bobcats won 108-101 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Who Are The Safest Charlotte Bobcats

On a team that’s won a combined 13 games since last season started, you’d think no player would be safe from a trade. Well, on the Charlotte Bobcats, that’s almost true.

Depending on the trade, no one is safe.

But that can be said for almost any team and any trade.

Charlotte probably isn’t going to make any blockbuster trades this year, so who’s safe and who’s not?

The safest player is Kemba Walker.

(If he stays the final two seasons of his contract) He’s making an average of $3.3 million dollars over the next four years (team option 2014/15, qualifying offer 2015/16). That’s some cheap money for a guy who’s turning into a very, very good young point guard. Not even a trade involving DeMarcus Cousins would pry Walker away from Charlotte.

The Next safest is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. This year, there’s probably no realistic trade that would see MKG leaving the Queen City. NBA teams are apt to trade draft picks, but they very rarely trade the players they pick with those picks. Kidd-Gilchrist was brought into Charlotte to be a franchise changing defender and worker, and it would send a horrible message if the Bobcats traded him in year one.

Finally, and it pains me to say this, Tyrus Thomas might be just as safe as Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist. He’s making way to much money for any team to take on his contract, especially considering the awful fact that Thomas is just not a good basketball player.

As far as the players who might not be as safe:

Gerald Henderson is probably the most likely to be traded, because he’s only got this season left on his deal.

Gana Diop is also likely to be dealt if the Bobcats are going to take on a player with any decent sized contract. Diop has one of the most enticing expiring deals in the entire NBA.

The wildcard here is Jeff Taylor.

I doubt he’s dealt, but if the Bobcats want “win” any deal involving a talented player like Cousins, Taylor is probably going to have to be dealt. Either that, or the Bobcats will have to take on a horrible contract to offset the loss of talent for the other team.

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