Dec 26, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats forward Hakim Warrick (21) drives past Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) and center forward Chris Bosh (1) during the game at Time Warner Cable Arena. Heat wins 105-92. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

How To Solve The Charlotte Bobcats Rebounding Problem.

Play Jeff Adrien and Hakim Warrick more.

If the Charlotte Bobcats want to rebound more missed shots, they’re going to have to play those two guys more.

At the very least, they’re going to have to play Adrien more.

In just 11 minutes per game, Adrien is averaging 4.1 rebounds. For the mathematically impaired (like me) that’s 13.5 rebounds per 36 minutes.

Since I mentioned him at the top, you might as well know Warrick averages 7.6 rebounds per 36 minutes.

I’m not saying either of them should play 36 minutes per game. I’m not saying either of them should play 26 minutes per game.

But for a team that could benefit from extra possessions as much as the Bobcats, coach Mike Dunlap should find a way to get them 20 minutes a game each.

That might not be as hard as you think, either:

Warrick already plays 17 minutes a game, and Adrien plays 10 minutes per game. That means for the two to be on the court 20 minutes a piece, Dunlap would just have to find 13 minutes a game to give them.

The solution? Amnesty Tyrus Thomas.

He’s averaging 17.5 minutes per game. The Bobcats are probably going to amnesty him this off season anyway. He’s averaging significantly less rebounds per 36 minutes than Adrien and Warrick.

If those two guys could basically split Thomas’s minutes, Charlotte would be better by 8.4 boards per game. That’s 8.4 more potential run-outs and possessions per game the Bobcats sorely need.


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