December 21, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Charlotte Bobcats shooting guard Gerald Henderson (9) looks on during the second quarter against the Golden State Warriors at ORACLE Arena. The Warriors defeated the Bobcats 115-100. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Teams That Could Use Gerald Henderson

This website has been on top of NBA trade rumors involving the Charlotte Bobcats.

The one player whose name keeps coming up as the ‘Cat most likely to be dealt is Gerald Henderson.

We’ve already gone over a few trade scenarios that make sense for Charlotte, but how many teams out there could actually use a guy like Hendo?

Well, the New York Knicks, despite Iman Shumpert’s return Thursday, are severely lacking in terms of their offensive backcourt. Jason Kidd is a solid veteran sharpshooter now, and Ronnie Brewer is pretty good at defense, but even when Raymond Felton comes back, the ‘Bockers still won’t have much offensive firepower at the guard position.

Would NY be willing to make a deal with Charlotte? It’s hard to say, but they could certainly use an athletic wing with a very good midrange game like Henderson.

Another team that could use Henderson is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Yes, the Lakers’ two-guard spot is occupied by Kobe Bryant. But, the Lakers have a sorry bench. Henderson would make their second unit significantly more formidable, but the likelihood of a trade is quite low.

The Lakers don’t have many assets to give away, and the assets they do have are saddled down with massive contracts.

There are a couple other teams who probably wouldn’t mind having Gerald Henderson around for the final few months of his deal (which expires this summer); Team’s like Dallas and Milwaukee could really benefit from his athleticism and mid-range game off the bench.

It’s impossible to say if any of these teams will make a deal for Hendo, but if there is a Bobcat who’s going to be dealt this year, it’s him.

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