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Feb 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Team Shaq guard Kemba Walker (15) of the Charlotte Bobcats lays the ball up against Team Chuck during the 2nd half of the rising stars challenge at the 2013 NBA All-Star weekend at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images-Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

More Charlotte Bobcats All Star Comparisons: 3pt, Dunk and Skills Competition

Now that we know the winners of the three point, dunk and skills competitions, how would a few Charlotte Bobcats have fared in those events?

Well, let’s start with the skills competition.

Damian Lillard, a rookie, won it by finishing with a final round time of 29.8 seconds.

He beat out the likes of Tony Parker, Jrue Holiday (who we already compared one Bobcat to) and Tony Parker.

So who on the Bobcats could’ve beat Lillard? Kemba Walker.

Walker has a solid top of the key jumper (vital in this competition) which Tony Parker missed five of. He’s also an accurate enough passer to get the ball through those rings on chest and bounce passes.

Finally, he’s quick with the ball in his hands, and would zoom around those standing targets faster than most in the league would be able to.

Next, the Charlotte Bobcats would’ve had to send Ben Gordon to the three point competition, despite the recent rumblings that he and coach Dunlap aren’t seeing eye-to-eye lately.

The two 3pt contest finalists were Kyrie Irving and Matt Bonner. Those two are 43 and 45 percent three point shooters this year, respectively. Ben Gordon has shot threes at a 41 percent rate this season.

Now, I’m not saying Gordon would’ve won the thing, but Steve Novak, the second best three point shooter in the league missed out on the final round by 1 shot.

Finally, it’s hard to say a Charlotte Bobcat would’ve won the dunk contest, because it’s hard to say who the best dunker on the Bobcats is.

All my bodily functions point to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist; Remember this?

Then again, A guy like Tyrus Thomas, who shouldn’t even be on Charlotte’s roster, is athletic enough to pull something out of his hat in a dunk contest. He’s actually been in one before… With Ben Gordon as a prop.

But the most unlikely, but possible slam dunk champ the Bobcats could send out would be Byron Mullens.

Oh, you’re laughing?

You must not remember Seven-feet-of-smooth throwing down the dunk of the year on LaMarcus Aldridge this season.

(“Outside the restricted area” does not prove a solid excuse for getting posterized by Mullens, Trailblazer announcer guy)

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