Feb 2, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Charlotte Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker (15) shoots against the Houston Rockets during the first quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Is Kemba Walker finding his stroke from deep?

Roberto Gato has consistently made the case for Kemba Walker as a premier young guard in the NBA.

One thing we’ve had to concede, thought is the fact that his three-point jump shot just wasn’t very good.

Could that all be changing?

Well, it’s a short sample size, but over the past five games, Walker is shooting 50 percent from behind the arc.

Before I go any further, I should point out that I absolutely despise the types of sports media folks out there who love to jump on a trend and set the overreact meter to over 9,000.

So when you read these next words, you’ll know I believe what I’m saying:

Kemba Walker is getting better at shooting threes.

He’s nowhere near turning into a sharpshooter, but he’s also not that far away from being able to knock the long-ball down with some consistency.

Last year Walker was just a 30 percent shooter from behind the arc.

Already this year, he’s a 35 percent three-point shooter.

The reason I think he’s close to being in the 38-40 percent range, is the fact that he’s gotten better at shooting threes as the season has gone on.

He was atrocious from deep when the season started in November (sub 30 percent), then, in December and January, he shot 37 and 38 percent from behind the arc.

His February three point shooting percentage is back around 35 percent, but as I mentioned at the top, that number is rising, because since the All Star break, he’s shooting 46 percent from three-point range.

Again, Walker isn’t becoming a Novakian sniper, but he is getting closer and  closer to knocking down threes with consistency and forcing his defender to play up on him further and further out behind the arc.

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