Mar 12, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Boston Celtics power forward Brandon Bass (30) dribbles on Charlotte Bobcats small forward Jeff Adrien (4) and point guard Kemba Walker (15)during the second half at Time Warner Arena. Mandatory Credit: Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports

How Big Tuesday's Win Really Was For The Charlotte Bobcats

Not only was the victory the Charlotte Bobcats got over the Boston Celtics last night big in a legitimate way (100-76), and not only was it large in a motivational way for rest of the season, it was also huge for the ‘Cats in terms of their final record.

You may laugh, but it’s true.

John Hollinger’s playoff odds just came out, and not only do they list the probability of a team making the NBA’s championship tournament, they also list the best and worst possible records each team can achieve the rest of the way.

In large part thanks to the Bobcats’ win over the Celtics Tuesday night, it’s mathematically impossible for Charlotte finish with a sub .170 winning percentage this year.

Sure, the difference between finishing with a .170 winning percentage (14-68) and a .158 winning percentage (13-69) isn’t that big, but 17 is better than 15, even when we’re dealing with tiny numbers.

All of this speculation centers around the premise of Charlotte’s worst possible record, which means it’d have to lose the rest of its games to get to that .170 number. Even for this team, I don’t see that happening.

That victory Tuesday night wasn’t big just because it guaranteed that .170 winning percentage. It was big because it helped Charlotte’s chances at reaching what would have been an unfathomable .200 winning percentage during the team’s double-digit losing streak.

All the Bobcats have to do now to get to a +.200 winning percentage is win three more games. That’s is.

Hollinger’s stats predict Charlotte’s final record at 18-64.

With two games still remaining against Detroit, and single matchups left with Cleveland and Orlando, I can see 18-64. The ‘Cats also still play Toronto twice, as well as the Wizards one more time. Those teams are furthering the gap between themselves and Charlotte now, but neither are world-beaters.

The bottom line is that a .200 winning percentage is still available, and, after last season, flirting with a winning percentage that starts with two sounds a whole lot better than flirting with one that starts with zero.

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