2013 NBA Draft: Players to Watch in the NCAA Tourney, Day 1

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Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats are coming off of a rare two game winning streak, which will continue to keep the wolves at bay for a few more days.  Yet it’s inevitable that the Bobcats will still need plenty of help in due time to turn from a promising franchise to a competitive franchise.

With that in mind, today marks the first day of March Madness, and there is plenty of talent spread across the country at the college level.  Today, teams will attempt to cement the idea that they belong in the Field of 64, doing everything they can to get to the next round on their way to greatness.

Every team has performed well to make it this far; yet, not every team has players with NBA-ready talent that could become available to the Bobcats this June.  With sixteen games on tap for today, here are some potential draftees the Bobcats may have to decide on in a few months time.  If you get a chance to watch them in action, take notice; they could be the future of your Charlotte Bobcats.

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