Apr 14, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Hornets mascot Hugo holds up a sign thanking fans for support following a loss to the Dallas Mavericks at the New Orleans Arena. The Mavericks defeated the Hornets 107-89. The game was the final home game for the Hornets franchise as they will be rebranded as the New Orleans Pelicans starting next season. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Revisiting the Possibility of a Charlotte Bobcats Name Change

There have been several rumors indicating the Charlotte Bobcats will be changing back to the Charlotte Hornets sometime soon.

Those rumors, are, well, still rumors, but they’re heating up again after a round of talks, town halls, and meetings in the Queen City.

First came a meeting between fans, management and NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. Based on tweets and facebook posts from the two biggest proponents of bringing the Hornets back to Charlotte, “We Beelieve” and “Bring Back the Buzz”, that meeting went well.

After the other two events, one a town-hall style meeting and then a season ticket holders only event, Michael Jordan was asked by WBTV about a possible name change, and Jordan said they’re working on the possibility, and that the Hornets name, “sounds good.”

Also, on April 19th, Bring Back the Buzz tweeted (during a discussion with @BringBackSonics) “we are closing in on it. An announcement about them applying for the name change should be coming soon.”

A name change would take 18 months, but there’s debate as to whether or not the beginning of that process has already taken place in Charlotte.

If it has taken place, and an announcement about applying for a name change comes soon, it’s feasible that Charlotte could be the Hornets as early as next season.

After all, unlike most names, likenesses, logos, etc, the NBA owns the “Hornets” and could always expedite the name change process for Charlotte.

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