March 3, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Charlotte Bobcats head coach Mike Dunlap (far left) instructs his team in a huddle against the Sacramento Kings during the second quarter at Sleep Train Arena. The Kings defeated the Bobcats 119-83. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Why the Charlotte Bobcats Cannot Strikeout In This Head Coaching Search

The Charlotte Bobcats are looking for their sixth head coach since becoming a franchise in the middle-2000’s.

They can’t afford to get this hire wrong.

Only one coach in the young history of the franchise has brought the team to the playoffs… and we was ousted not too long after.

Whoever Charlotte hires has to be willing and able to build this team long term.

The Bobcats are not getting into the playoffs overnight. They’re not getting to 41 wins (.500) overnight. They might not even be able to get to 35 wins overnight.

But they can grow into a solid team in the next few years with a coach who knows how to develop players, get them to play defense, and get the most out of them offensively.

We’ve listed several candidates for this position, and Chris Brousard says plenty of people are interested in the job.

The difficult part of the search is the fact (I think it’s a fact) that the ‘Cats have to get a guy in place before the draft, and well before the team starts signing free agents.

If you look at the best teams in the league over the past few years (sans Miami), most of them take on the personality of their coach: The Spurs and Pop, the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau,  the Celtics and Doc Rivers… Even teams that are just now rising to prominence are taking on the mentality of their coach; The Warriors mimic Marc Jackson’s playing style, the Pacers are become a basketballification (TM) of Frank Vogel, and the Houston Rockets wouldn’t be the same without Kevin McHale.

The Bobcats need to hire someone who can impose their personality on the team without actually imposing it. Instead, they need to be able to let that happen naturally.

If the ‘Cats can find a guy who can do this, it won’t take long for them to reap the benefits.

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