Apr 13, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Derrick Williams (7) dunks against the Phoenix Suns in the third quarter at the Target Center. Timberwolves won 105-93. Mandatory Credit: Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2013: The Trade Charlotte Must Make

Rumors are now floating that the Minnesota Timberwolves are shopping Derrick Williams plus the ninth and 24th picks in the 2013 NBA draft for a chance to draft Victor Oladipo.

I think Anthony Bennett will go down as the best player in the draft, but if he and Oladipo are both available at four, and Minnesota makes this offer, Charlotte has to pull the trigger.

For one, Williams is just 22 years old. He averaged 17 points and eight rebounds per 36 minutes last year as an NBA sophomore. If he went to the ‘Cats, he’d get those minutes.

Also, this mock draft has Alex Len available at pick nine. This one has Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (super-athletic, long Georgia Bulldog) available at nine, and this mock has Cody Zeller and Shabazz Muhammad sticking around till then.

Finally, as much as I love Bennett and as much as some people love Oladipo (been compared to Dwayne Wade…), there’s no guarantee that either will end up better than Williams (who, again, is averaging 17 and eight per 36 minutes… Minutes that he would get in a Bobcats jersey).

If you listened to “The Herd” on ESPN radio this morning, you probably caught the show’s host saying Chicago should trade Luol Deng to the Cavs for the first pick in the draft. Who did Colin Cowherd say the Bulls should then take with that pick? Oladipo.

With that being said, there might even be better deals out there for the ‘Cats if Oladipo is there for the picking at four.

What if the right deal doesn’t come along?

Draft… Anthony Bennett.

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  • JOHN

    I heard it is A.K. and Luke for a top 3 pick and a 2014 first round pick.

  • Martin Susman

    The Lakers have two very good people contenders can use & who should be traded for first round picks. (possible three) First Steve Nash a man that can make your rookie point guard into a super point guard & a man who can make a teram like the Heat even better…The Heat can send Bosh to a team, get their early first round pick of Lakers & then get Nash. Gasol is also a man that can bring a club from so so to higher in the playoffs & possible even Peace to a team like Golden State who needs defense….
    The Lakers NEED to ship all three of these men our for youth & secondly to slash payroll waiting for 2014… The Clippers own this upcomming season so they might as well make things as good as they can by dumping massive salary & bringing in youth….

  • Martin Susman

    Forget little tweeks, dump Jamison, Duhon, Ebanks, Meaks, Nash, Gasol, Peace, Blake all of them for draft picks yes even now when the draft is short of great future studs….These guys are cheap & vcan be dumped next year….