Nov 15, 2012; Bloomington, IN, USA; Indiana Hoosiers forward Cody Zeller (40) stands on the free throw line against the Sam Houston State Bearkats. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NBA Draft: One Good Thing From Charlotte’s Pick

At the very, very, very least, the 2013 NBA draft proved one thing: Rich Cho, not Michael Jordan, is making the basketball decisions in the Queen City.

And that’s a very good thing for Bobcats/Future Hornets fans.

We could get into the ins and outs of Cody Zeller’s game, and detail why he free-fell from a potential number one pick at the start of the year to out of the top 10 in many mock drafts by Thursday, but to me this pick is more about the Bobcats as an organization gaining some credibility and ditching the stigma that MJ calls all of the shots.

Many reports surfaced earlier today that Jordan wanted Oladipo. Around the same time, reports surfaced that Cho was basically in love with Zeller. At that point in time, it became clear that this draft would prove who’s really in charge of the ‘Cats.

It’s a good thing that Cho came out on top, because Jordan’s draft history has been a little shoddy to say the least.

Cho helped build the Thunder into the powerhouse they are today. It’d be unfair and probably stupid to say he couldn’t do the same in Charlotte, IF he’s allowed to make the moves he wants to make.

The 2013 NBA draft proved that he’s making those moves.

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  • Perry Woods

    I’m not sure your assumption about Cho making the decisions is entirely correct. I point out that Olidipio was off the board when the Cats made their pick. So even if Jordan had wanted him, he wouldn’t have gotten him. Had he been there and been taken by Charlotte, the offer was reportedly on the table for the #9 AND #27 and a player. Had they made that deal, Charlotte could have lost their big man, given New Orleans took the last lottery big man and promptly traded him away. So the stated goal of getting bigger has been realized.
    As for the disappointment over the Zeller pick? As a horse breeder, I’d point out that Zeller has the blood line. He has two brothers who have exceeded expectations in the NBA and there’s no reason to believe he won’t as well. Besides, he was the only one who wasn’t injured and can start to work tomorrow. If you’ll recall, Coach Clifford expressed concerns over the fact that Lynn and Noel would miss summer league and I think the Bobcat’s front office was listening. I’m sure Coach Clifford and the Bobcats don’t want to go through another coaching change in 12 months so, showing improvement this year has to be uppermost in their minds so, logically, Zeller gives them the best chance to do that.
    Now we come to the injuries, Noel reportedly won’t be able to contribute before the new year and probably won’t contribute significantly before the season is over. Zeller will have a 6 month head start over Noel, 4 months over Lynn. Besides, Noel didn’t make half the season IN HIS FRESHMAN YEAR! If I were in the Bobcat’s management, I’d have concerns about keeping him healthy. Then there’s Lynn. A stress fracture at his age? It certainly means he plays hard but again, I’d worry about durability. If you look at Zeller’s brothers, durability doesn’t seem to be a problem so, where’s the surprise the bobcats chose him? I would have too.
    All morning long, I’ve read how “Charlotte missed the boat” in this draft and they could be right. Personally, I thought Zeller should be the choice two weeks ago and nothing since has changed my mind
    Given how badly most sports writers missed with their Mock drafts, what makes anyone think those same writers are right about Zeller? Last year, they all LOVED MKG and he hasn’t learned to walk on water yet. I think he will but, not yet.
    Personally I think the sports writers are all POd because they were wrong and their credibility took a hit. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Zeller will help the Bobcats this year and the Hornets next year.
    Don’t forget the team still has the funds to find a shooting guard and any other pieces they may need and there are far more of those pieces available in free agency than there are quality big men.

    • arky

      Who is Lynn?

      • Perry Woods

        OK, so I mi-spelled Alex Lin’s last name. I was trying to make a point, not win a spelling bee! It’s a good thing I wasn’t talking about. It’s a good thing I wasn’t trying to spell the name of that kid the Magic got. I gave up on spelling when I saw Coach K’s name spelled out. Hooked on Phonics wouldn’t have helped a bit with either.

        • arky

          uhm.. not to be a douche but its Alex Len. Over all i like your post. I agree every point you made. Zeller is going to be solid. He is the better version of Mulley that plays in the paint and runs better. Nice read.

          • Perry Woods

            Fair enough, I’ll take a point off for lack of spelling acumen. Thank God we weren’t talking about the Panther’s #1 draft Choice, I could get the Star, but that last name is still giving me problems. I can’t even figure out how to pronounce it. I spent half my life as a Broadcast announcer but not one minute as a sports caster and names like that are the reason. Hopefully, Mr. Len won’t see what I wrote out there in Phoenix LOL. I meant well and I hope he feels better soon…