Mar 21, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Creighton Bluejays forward Doug McDermott (3) signals in the second half of a men

Rumors: Charlotte Hornets will draft Doug McDermott

As we are inching closer to the NBA Draft, everyone has their own opinion on every prospect in the NBA Draft this year. This year’s draft has been hyped up to be the “best draft since 2003.”

If that is true, then the Charlotte Hornets are in good shape, as they currently own two 1st round picks, 9th and 24th overall.

Who will the Hornets pick with the 9th overall pick you might ask?

Rumor is that the Charlotte Hornets are very high on Creighton’s Doug McDermott, and will not pass up on him if he is still on the boar at number 9.

Head coach Steve Clifford loves McDermott as well, as he said after the pre-draft workout that McDermott is “skilled, smart, really good basketball IQ and high, high character.”

Steve Clifford also added that he believes Doug McDermott will be a Small Forward at the NBA level, a position the Hornets are in need of.

Offensively, yes, McDermott is a SF, but he will have a hard time guarding some of the quick, play-making small forwards in the NBA today. That is my main concern about Doug McDermott, his defensive ability.

Nonetheless the Charlotte Hornets are high on him, so don’t be surprised come draft night when its the Hornets’ turn to pick, and you hear NBA commissioner Adam Silver say Doug McDermott’s name.

Here is the scouting video on Doug McDermott:


What do you think Hornets fans? Should Charlotte draft Doug McDermott? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below!

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  • Bryan Palmese

    McDermott and Smart are two players at #9 that I will rage over if we pick them. I don’t like McBuckets translation as an NBA player and he clogs up the 3 spot with MKG. Give me Stauskas at #9.

    • Conner David Boyd

      I’d prefer Staus as well, but I wouldn’t “rage” over Smart or McDermott. Smart is a fantastic two-way player and would make an excellent shooting guard with high playmaking abilities to help Kemba in the backcourt. Staus is a better shooter overall than Smart, but Smart can hit his jumpers, and he’s much tougher against contact. He looks a lot like James Harden (but better defensively), especially if he can get a consistent three-pointer going. McDermott is probably the best shooter in this draft (I give him a slight edge over Staus), and while I wasn’t high on him for a while, I’ve grown rather fond of him. Most polished, versatile scorer in the draft…and that includes Jabari Parker. Parker will almost definitely end up being the better player, but McDermott is smart, has great post skills, creates space off the dribble, plays excellent transition offense, hits threes like they’re lay-ups, and can shoot from just about anywhere on the floor. A lot like Nowitzki. His athleticism is criminally underrated (combine has him as the 12th most athletic player, Stauskas is 21. He beat out “great athletes” like K.J. McDaniels (who I love, and would grab in a heartbeat if he’s there at 24 and we draft Staus in stead of McDerms). Defense may be his biggest issue right now, but he’s a very smart, experienced player and a coach’s son. Clifford did a fantastic job of masking singular defensive deficiencies last season (Al Jefferson), and with the help of a solid, athletic, defender at the two like Henderson (or P.J. Hairston, who I like at 24 too), McDermott will be fine. No one can stop the best SFs in this league. MKG let LeBron drop 61 on him. That’s just how it is in this league. Better yet, this gives MKG more versatility and less pressure. His Jumper is looking so, so much better right now, but he’s still going to have to get used to using it in game situations. McDermott gives him that buffer. Cliff showed last season that he doesn’t really play positional basketball. Players will be slotted in for positions they don’t necessarily play. Charlotte would do some serious damage in a big line-up by putting McDermott at 2 and MKG at 3 in certain situations. Or he could slot McDermott in at the 4 in certain situations. So it’s not like we’d have to sit back and say, “well, it’s either MKG or McDerms.” They can coexist on the same team, and I imagine they would both benefit greatly from each other.

      tl;dr—McDermott would fit very well here, and has the potential to be a 20 PPG scorer right off the bat.

    • Justin

      For sure we gotta take nik. He is much more skilled with the ball in his hands. He can run plays off pick and roll with ease whether he shots or passes

  • Dustin Barnes

    Articles like this is what ruins true journalism. Rumors? Ok my turn, rumors have it the Cavs will draft Marcus Smart #1. This is a pointless article that holds no weight.

    On a side note, what else is he supposed to say after a workout? “I hate his guts, he shoots with bad form and is lazy” It’s draft talk, it means nothing.

    • KartoonMGMT

      Why did you even read it? It says RUMORS: clear as day and yet still read it. Odd.

  • Conner David Boyd

    proofreading is your friend.

  • Reggie G

    The problem I have with Doug McD is he would have to play with the second unit or our defense would get shredded. He looks like he has to play the SF position and would require a shot blocker behind him or everyone would drive by him and score. I recall a stat of less than 15 blocks in 4 years at Creighton ((He had 14 total blocks in four years and 34 total steals, incredibly low numbers for a player with such a big role.) From Ben Swanson @ Rufus on Fire) So to expect Doug to become a decent defender at the NBA level when he showed less than nothing at Creighton is implausible.
    This total was this low and Creighton played Alcorn State, UMKC, Long Beach State, and Chicago State. I doubt he was defending elite talent and his measurable s at the combine should get him 15 blocks in those games alone and not in a 4 year career.