Charlotte Hornets: Best Remaining Free Agent Fits for Charlotte

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Charlotte Hornets

Atlanta Hawks Vince Carter and Charlotte Hornets Miles Bridges. (Photo by Jasear Thompson/NBAE via Getty Images)

As 2019’s free agency is slowly approaching turning one month old, Charlotte Hornets’ fans still await news of what players will fill out the final few roster spots headed into next season. Fans are asking this question, “Who remaining in free agency would be a good fit?”

The Charlotte Hornets have remained quiet nearly one month into NBA free agency. With the exception of the sign and trade that sent Kemba Walker to Boston and Terry Rozier to Charlotte, the Hornets have yet to bring in another new face to the franchise.

While the Hornets may be the most cap restricted team in the NBA, the team only has twelve players under contract and neither of their 2019 second-round selections in the NBA draft (Cody Martin and Jalen McDaniels) that are included in that list.

Assuming that both Martin and McDaniels sign contracts in Charlotte and neither are two-way players that would put the current roster at 14 leaving one more roster spot open. While most if not all of the tier one, two, and three free agency have already found their new homes the Hornets have a few options to fill the rest of the roster and welcome some new, or familiar faces to the “Hive”.

The player that they do eventually sign may not make a huge impact, but it will be interesting to see which direction they go in. Do they target a younger player or do they target a veteran player that can play a role in the locker room?

We will soon find out, but for now, let’s get this started and take a look at our first free agent option.

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