Charlotte Hornets: Could DeMar DeRozan revamp his career in Charlotte?

DeRozan is hitting free agency this offseason and the Charlotte Hornets have a lot of cap space.

DeMar DeRozan is one of the most underrated players in the league, but that isn’t entirely his fault. DeRozan can also be a target for the Charlotte Hornets.

DeRozan was the poster child of the Toronto Raptors organization before swapping him with a disgruntled Kawhi Leonard.

DeMar DeRozan was one of the best players in the league a few years ago and is still a very effective player. DeRozan averaged 23 points in the ’17-’18 season before being sent to San Antonio.  DeRozan was even named 2nd All-NBA in his final season for the Raptors.

DeRozan is a four-time all-star in the NBA and led the league in 2-point field goal attempts twice.

DeRozan has since been flying under the radar since joining Popovich’s Spurs.

Could joining the Charlotte Hornets bring energy back into DeMar DeRozan’s career?

DeRozan is a phenomenal player and joining the Hornets would give young talents Devonte Graham, Malik Monk and Terry Rozier a veteran to loop up to.

DeRozan is likely to be looking for a new home as San Antonio is likely about to hit the reset button. Charlotte could be great for DeRozan and give him a fresh start.

DeRozan is a notoriously bad three-point shooter but can still add to the Hornets offensive game. DeRozan shot an incredible 54 percent for 2-point attempts which can improve the Hornets lackluster mid-range game. The Hornets ranked second-to-last in the league for two-point field goals made at 25 field goals per game. The Hornets ranked in the bottom half of the league in terms of two-point frequency at only 60 percent. Charlotte also ranks last in the league for two-points field goal percentage at a measly 49 percent.

DeRozan also racks up about five boards per game and as a wing that can really help the Hornets rebounding issues. DeRozan also gets a handful of assists per game.

DeRozan is an extremely talented player and can elevate the Hornets offensive game. DeRozan can make Charlotte his home and really capitalize off of some fresh air. DeRozan can take the city by storm and be the poster boy for the Hornets much like Kemba Walker did in his tenure in the Queen City.

The Hornets can use this offseason to get their team back together full of signings and trades. DeRozan could be a great addition especially if the team is able to land another star like Rudy Gobert in a trade.

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