Could Danilo Gallinari help the Charlotte Hornets three-point struggles?

The Hornets have no shortage of problems but the Charlotte Hornets extremely competitive this season, battling and nearly earning a spot in the playoffs. But close isn’t good enough as this offseason; the Hornets can revamp their roster with absolute ballers.

There are many good options for the Charlotte Hornets this offseason to improve on all aspects of their game. Every piece of the Hornets game needs to be improved rebounding and overall scoring firstly; today’s free-agent could be the answer for a major piece of the Hornets.

Not only are the Hornets struggling at scoring but specifically from behind the arch.

The Hornets were awful from three-point land, ranking in the bottom 67% of the NBA. The Hornets were firing at barely 35% from behind the arch.

But the answer to the Hornets shooting from behind the arch could be in the form of Danilo Gallinari.

Gallinari may look like an average three-point shoot, but it’s his efficiency behind the arch with the catch and shoot. Gallinari’s frequency behind the arch was at 41% with the catch and shoot. Nearly half of Gallinari’s three are taken without a single dribble.

The Hornets’ three-point game would improve with Gallinari because, as the young guard tandem of Rozier and Graham drives to the hole, they can find an easy outlet in Gallinari. Gallinari shoots in the low 40’s with a touch time of fewer than two seconds.

Gallinari averages 18 points per game and grabs about five boards a contest. His scoring can easily make the Hornets a much better team offensively. Gallinari is one of the most underrated players in the league, and that attitude carries onto the basketball court. Often Gallinari has games where he can shoot the lights out, and the Hornets can use that killer scoring.

Gallinari isn’t particularly eyeballing Charlotte, but the Hornets have a lot of money that they can throw at him. Gallinari can join a young talented team with the Hornets and can elevate the team to playoff contention.

The Hornets problems can be a problem this offseason, and there’s no shortage of great players that can bring the team to a new level.

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