Charlotte Hornets: Muggsy Bogues Hits FT To Win Home For Veteran

Muggsy Bogues stepped to the line with three opportunities to knock down just a single free throw in the Spectrum Center on Tuesday night. With thousands of Hornets fans looking on, Bogues hit the second and won a brand new house for Forrest, a US veteran courtesy of Veterans United.

Veterans United, the nation’s largest VA purchase lender, began a campaign called #ThanksToVeterans on Veteran’s Day in 2021, where they gave away 10 homes, fully paid off, to members of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps to across the country including California, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

A veteran named Forrest won and received the 11th and final home of the campaign in Charlotte during halftime of the Bulls-Hornets game. Nearly 1,000 soldiers and military family members from Fort Bragg along with about 500 veterans and their families from surrounding communities were in attendance to see Forrest receive his home after Bogues knocked down the shot.

Veterans United surprises veterans with brand new homes

Veterans United’s campaign was designed to not only honor veterans for what they’ve done for the country during their time serving in one of the branches of the military, but also for what they’re currently doing in their respective communities.

“We’re honoring veterans not only for their service while in uniform, but for their lifetime of service and all the ways they make communities better,” said Pam Swan, vice president of military relations for Veterans United Home Loans.

“Our ‘#ThanksToVeterans’ campaign underscores the commitment veterans demonstrate daily as local leaders, dedicated volunteers and exemplary neighbors. And what better way to thank these deserving individuals than by giving them houses of their very own in the communities they call home?”

Among those who received homes in November were a single father who created and delivered food baskets to those in need during the pandemic, a health and safety officer at a veterans retirement community and a mother of three who is active in school committees.

All veterans selected for the homes were completely surprised as they were all in the process of applying for home loans when they learned the good news.

Veterans United tagged in Rob Riggle, a Marine veteran, to help out with the campaign and to deliver a message to Forrest after Bogues knocked down the free throw.

To learn more about Veterans United and the campaign, you can stop by the Thanks To Veterans landing page to see all of the winners and their individual stories.