The Season Has Come to a Close


Sad, true…the Bobcats’ 2010-2011 campaign has ended.  No playoffs, nothing the same from day 1 of the regular season.  They limped to the end.  Stephen Jackson is a memory, his hamstring the fog in between.  Gerald Wallace, we stand and wave to thee into thine own playoff.  Larry Brown we all raise a middle finger in your direction, where ever thou be.

Sorry, I’m trying my best to be poetic about a year that ended so poorly.  They beat Atlanta at home to end it, I know.  But they did so with 8 players.  8 guys showed up, dressed and ready to go.  One guy sat out, knowing he is to be a free agent even.  Dominic McGuire, you, my friend, save a few nice offensive rebounding performances, are bound for the D-League or Europe.  How Larry Brown ever thought you’d make it, I’ll never know.

We saw a coaching change, not a “Head guy, you’re fired, everybody move down the bench” firing.  It was “You guys, pack your crap.  New Guys, here’s a rack of balls and a gym, see what you can do with ’em!”  Paul Silas finished only 4 games under .500.  Larry Brown still has me pissed off.  9-19.  10 games under .500.  And PS:  He started Dominic McGuire.  To be fair and accurate, I think Paul might started him once, maybe 4 times but be sure, the roster was already depleted of all healthy bodies.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been more pissed about injuries.  I think the Adam Morrison/Sean May knee years and maybe one of those concussion laden years with Gerald Wallace where he pierced his lung as well could be in the running, this year and Stephen Jackson’s bum hamstring have me seeing red.  Tyrus Thomas who might be injury prone, might just be…is an issue as well.  The run with Gerald Wallace out around Christmas was a bummer too.  Hell, let’s throw Diop and his ruptured paycheck…sorry, achillies on the fire as well.  But they’re injuries, can you get mad, legitimately, mad at someone for being hurt?

I’ve mentioned more guys who haven’t played in the last month, or who got fired/traded before that than I’ve mentioned anyone (save coach Silas) who was participating in on court activities with the Bobcats.  It’s amazing the apathy that even I have for those left.  I kind of get it now, the jokes Dan Patrick makes when he says “The first person to call in who can name 2 Bobcats win a new hammer to hit themselves with….first caller line 2 here’s Jimbo…”  Who would you pay money to go see of the guys left?  DJ Augustin is probably the best?  Nah…all filled up on 5’4″ point guards who can’t play defense?  Ok, how about Boris Diaw?  Him neither huh?  Got enough foreigners that seem a bit flighty like they’d rather be somewhere else.  Ok, well, umm, let’s see.  Got a Kwame Brown over here?  10 years in the league and he still can’t handle a bounce pass….yeah didn’t think so.  Gerald Henderson?  Being the most athletic guy at Duke is sort of like being the prettiest girl at Duke….harsh, true.

Nah, I kid, I kid.  I like all those guys.  Even Najera and Carroll or as I like to know them, half of Tyson Chandler.

It’s been as the Bobcat turns the last few weeks and months.  Since the All-Star break people have been up in the air and questioning things over at 333 E. Trade like Bob Johnson was still in town.  Wait, was Bob Johnson ever really in town?

First with the poetry and now with the Rodney Dangerfield one liners?  I get no respect, I tell ya.

On a serious note, there is lots to talk about.  We’ll be looking at the playoffs, even with the Bobcats out, it’s still NBA and I know you’ll still be watching.  Of course, there’s the collective bargaining and possible shut down, so you can hear my political thoughts and how I think all Unions are evil and socialist, especially those involving highly skilled labor such as athletes and how there is a conspiracy to gauge our love for a sport every 10 years or so with one of these.  Then there will be the draft and on-going free agency if they decide on how to make this league work.  We’ll delve into some deeper topics and broader subject matter in the off-season as well.  So please, keep us bookmarked, tell people, let’s get discussion going on things that we can affect the outcome of, like trades and name-changes, please?  (I thought he said “On a serious note,”)