Weekly Roundup: Charlotte Hornets’ Week Leads up to Toronto

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Hornets vs. Nets, March 4th, 7:30 PM

The next game of the week for the Hornets will be in Brooklyn. The Nets will give the Hornets a test on their home court. Right now, things are very close in the eighth spot of the Eastern Conference, and both teams are going to have to win a lot of games as things wind down in order to make the playoffs.

The Nets had an intimidating roster a few years ago, sporting younger players as well as experienced veterans that combined to be a threat to their opponents. Since then, however, they’ve lost guys to free agency and trades, and don’t have a roster that’s daunting by any means at the moment. Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, and Joe Johnson are all good players, and can all produce offensively.

Charlotte’s defense may be too daunting for Brooklyn to overcome. Charlotte has been able to play very well defensively and the Nets don’t have extraordinary offensive skills to overcome that.

One big part of the game may be Brook Lopez’s defense. He averages 1.7 blocks per game, and can be a threat down low. Expanding Charlotte’s shots is something they may have to do to beat the Nets and Lopez.

The two teams have only played each other once this year, and Brooklyn took the first matchup. This will be a fun one to watch, but I think the Nets are playing well enough to take down Charlotte. If they are able to get in a groove early this week, though, I could see them coming out on top too.

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