Charlotte Hornets: Are They Missing The Star Factor?


The Charlotte Hornets have had a respectable season so far. There’s no doubt that they have experienced success at some points, even without their personal “star,” Kemba Walker. But, is Kemba really an NBA star? Do the Hornets have a star? Or are they missing that increasingly necessary aspect of persevering in the NBA?

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  • When you look at the top NBA teams, most of them have one or two players who you can label as a “star”. Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard are just a few I can name. There are probably plenty more you can think of right now. With all the biggest teams, they have great rosters, and a wonderful supporting cast, but they also have that one player who you can say is truly the star of that team. When ESPN promotes a game, you see these players making plays, spinning basketballs, and smiling at the camera. Stars put fear into the hearts of opposing fans.

    If you did not know who was the star of a team, you could easily find out if you are at a game. Their jersey can be seen everywhere. Their face is plastered all over the walls, both inside and outside of the arena. They are probably even on cups when you buy your soda at the game.

    My point is, all the teams that are Finals contenders have those one or two star on the team. They tear it up on the court, and they make the plays when the game is on the line.

    Do the Hornets really have that type of player? Sure, it could be argued that Kemba Walker is one of the greatest younger players in the league, but can he be considered a star when compared to other teams’ players? I am not sold on that idea, just yet. I would trust Walker more than the other Hornets to take the last shot of a game, but still, it just does not seem like he is up to the caliber of Westbrook or Curry.

    Lance Stephenson was brought in, with hopes of him becoming a star, but that has proven to be too difficult to achieve for Stephenson.

    At 18.8 points per game and over five assists per game this year, Walker is definitely a productive player. However, Mo Williams was able to come in and reproduce his numbers (so far anyway), and Williams is also not considered a star. There is something missing with Walker, still. Maybe he needs to close out more games. Maybe he needs to drop more points against bigger teams. When the game is on the line, he must be the one to step up. It is really an indescribable quality, the “star” quality. It is not something Walker can easily pick up as time progresses.

    The Charlotte basketball team has struggled a lot since it was established, first as the Bobcats. Things are seemingly looking up this season, but something seems to be lacking still. They stay on the bottom of the playoff rankings, and are not in the conversation as one of the better teams in the league by any means. Could the star factor be the thing that is lacking?

    The Hornets probably won’t be able to sway a huge name in free agency. I think if they are looking to fill that star void, they are better off looking to Walker. Walker is like a savings account. A large sum already exists in that account, now it just relies on the interest to build up. The thing about savings accounts is that the money is not built up after a day. It is not there after a week. Sometimes it takes years before a significant amount of interest is built up.

    Here is the point: It could take a while, but I believe in Kemba Walker. I believe he can be a star in this league, and be able to lead the Hornets deep into the playoffs.

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