Who Can Score 50?

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The Charlotte Hornets have never had a player score 50 or more points in a game. I saw this while checking out ESPN.com Marc Stein’s Power Rankings:

"Thanks to James Harden’s 50-point eruption, we learned of an obscure Hornets stat from the Elias Sports Bureau. Turns out Charlotte has gone nearly 2,000 games without a 50-point scorer and, like Memphis, has never had one in franchise history. Harden was Houston’s first in 1,538 games."

Wow, that is somewhat amazing, given how many random fifty point games the NBA has produced. It does not even take a superstar player to score 50, just someone with a hot hand in the right situation.

Tony Delk, Clifford Robinson, Corey Brewer, and plenty of other not-so-household names have hit the big 5-0 during their NBA careers. So, its only a matter of time before a Hornet finally gets there.

A bigger question is, are there any players on the roster who could hit that mark? Lets look down the roster and rate the players on how likely they are to hit fifty.

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