Who Can Score 50?

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Mo Williams

Mo Williams could score 50, because he already has this season when he was with the Timberwolves. However, like with Big Al, Williams would need the ball in his hands all game. When he has to share time on the court, and at the point, with Kemba Walker, it makes it that much harder for Mo to get up his shots.

In his 52 point game against the Indiana Pacers in January, Williams hoisted up 33 shots, including 11 three point attempts. He also played almost 44 minutes in that game. Playing for a lottery team stuck at the bottom of the standings might not be much fun, but it does allow for some crazy moments. Like having Mo Williams jack up enough shots to get to 52 points.

With Walker back and the team in the playoff hunt, Williams probably will not get the opportunity to hit 50.

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