Who Can Score 50?

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Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson is a shooting guard in his prime. While he only averages a little over 12 points per game, he plays enough and has the green light to shoot as much as he wants. So it is conceivable that he could get hot and have a once-in-a-career shooting night, and get to that 50 point plateau.

He has a career high of 35 points, so it is not a huge jump to the half-a-century mark, but while he is in his athletic prime, his minutes and scoring average has gone down the last couple of seasons. Mostly it is because of a decrease in usage.

If Henderson could develop a strong three point shooting stroke, then his usage and points would go up. He is only 27, so its still possible. If Henderson stays past his current contract(expires in a few weeks), and he develops into a better shooter, then he is one of the better options.

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