Who Can Score 50?

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Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is the number one bet to break the drought. If anyone on the current Charlotte Hornet roster is going to score 50, it is going to be Walker.

He has already cracked 30 points several times this year, and he is the Hornets leading scorer. He can penetrate into the defense and get to the free throw line seemingly at will. If his shooting stroke ever matures, and he becomes a legitimate outside threat, then 50 might not be his ceiling.

He is only shooting 39% this season, but he takes 24 shots per game. Not exactly really efficient but that gives him more opportunity to hit 50. Mo Williams only needed 33 shots to hit 50, so it is within range for Kemba in any game.

He just needs to get hot and keep firing. If anyone on this team is going to do it, it is Kemba Walker. He is the face of the franchise, for better or worse.