Charlotte Hornets: Five Potential Second Round Selections

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Timothe Luwawu is a relative newcomer to the NBA draft radar. A very young prospect from France’s second tier league, Luwawu has not faced anything close to NBA caliber competition. Nor has he shown dominating play against that level of opponent.

However, he has ridiculous physical skills which have caught the attention of some NBA scouts. NBADraft.Net goes over his current skills:

"Timothe Luwawu is definitely a dark horse for the upcoming NBA draft, coming from the second French division, where he’s averaging 7.1 pts and 2.6 rebs. Nevertheless – like for Antetokuompo – the level faced from the player is not always a complete indicator, since the potential could explode with the competition rising. It’s apparent he has terrific physical tools, with great speed and leaping abilities, combined with a solid frame a remarkable wingspan. He’s a solid spot up shooter, who could excel in the NBA considering the different spacing. Furthermore, he shows reliable passing skills and court vision. On the defensive side he’s solid thanks to his physical tools, but he could improve focus, positioning and fundamentals. He lacks ball handling skills and consequently he’s less effective in creating from off the dribble, but his body and game style make him a legitimate first round candidate."

A solid shooter with great athleticism and the potential to create plays for his teammates sounds good. This is a very raw prospect, but one who one day could be an All-Star caliber of player, although that would be several years into the future.

Most likely, Luwawu would spend most of his rookie year in the NBA D-League, working on his fundamentals and getting used to the American style of basketball. However, you could certainly do worse with a second round selection.

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