Graphic Designer Redesigns the Charlotte Hornets Logo


Even though the Hornets logo is fairly new, it can always use an upgrade. Graphic designer, Addison Foote, took on the challenge of redesigning not only the Charlotte Hornets logo but also all 29 other team’s logos as well. He redesigned all 30 NBA team’s logos within 30 days.

Here is what Foote had to say about the Charlotte Hornets logo in which he designed.

“Since their new and older logos feature a hornet head on, I wanted to try a side-profile to be a little different. I used the lines of the basketball to create the shape of the hornet’s stinger and used elements from their current and older logos such the wings and the “H” on the ball. I bordered the logo with a hexagon to symbolize a hive.”

This new logo is not very different from the current one, in the fact that the color scheme and Hornet are still generally the same. As Foote noted, he wanted to get a “side-profile” of the Hornet to be a little different. It is an ingenious design that gives a different look than the current logo.

Here is another picture of how the redesigned logo looks:

This redesigned logo would be a great look if it were put at center court of the Time Warner Cable Arena. It would give the center of the court a more rounded logo look instead of just the Hornets that is there now.

It is a very interesting look at a different logo for the Charlotte Hornets and you can leave your feedback on what you think of it. Should the team think of adopting this new redesigned look?

You can also check out Foote’s redesigned logos for all other 29 NBA teams here.

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