Charlotte Hornets: Building an NBA Dynasty


Before I start, I would like to say that these are solely my own thoughts and opinions. Any questions, comments, or differences in opinion can be directed to the comment section as well as my twitter account listed above. Hope you enjoy.

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NBA dynasties are monumental. Historical testaments of a franchise’s growth, talent, and power. Whether it be the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Pistons, or the Spurs, all of these teams have tasted the glory of being called a dynasty, winning multiple championships in the process. But what do these magical teams consist of? Well, I’d like to try to break down the makings of an NBA dynasty in only 4 different categories. So, here we go.


With building any team, you want to have the right players. Guys who want to win as well as constantly and consistently improve. In every dynasty, there’s almost always one or more star players. And for each player, the work may be different, but everyone’s goal is the same, WIN. Versatility comes into play, but with each position comes certain traits and abilities that each should have. Point Guards should have vision, IQ, above average passing, and slashing ability. A good example, Chris Paul. Shooting Guards should have shooting ability, defensive ability, and athleticism to finish all around the court. Jimmy Butler excels as my example. Small Forwards should be athletic, strong, and defensive by nature. A tough and agile scoring option for the team. LBJ epitomizes this. Your Power Forward (Stretch 4) should be your big man who can shoot and defend well into the 20 foot range. A tough and athletic player who can space the floor as well as take it inside consistently. Your 4 man should also have length to rebound on both sides of the floor. Blake Griffin dominates with his abilities as a 4. Lastly, your Center should be a tough defensive stopper. A tall and thick bodied player who’s aggressive and unrelenting on the boards. He should be first and foremost a rim protector, but he should also be able to score consistently in the post. Dwight Howard has made his career as a dominant center in today’s NBA.


Chemistry is one of the most important parts of any team for obvious reasons. No good or great team can operate or click if the players don’t get along with one another. With chemistry, every player knows their role. Every player feeds off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to unite as a team, better known as selfless basketball. It often leads to becoming close friends on and off the court. Chemistry is the love and friendship one teammate has for the others, and often pushes the player to play harder to get the win together.

Coaching Staff

All great teams have had equally great coaches and staff members to contribute to the success of their franchises. Most notably, the Lakers and Bulls had Phil Jackson, and the Spurs have Greg Popavich. The job of the coaches and staff are not only to get the players in the right potion to play, but also to keep them healthy and happy, regulate minutes, develop the talent and potential of each player, and also plan and put into action a game plan to succeed on the court. They study players as well as tendencies so that their team can prepare against 29 other teams with the same intentions and goals. Some may be stronger on defense, some may be stronger on offense, but the better coaches of the league have a firm grasp of both.


One thing that every dynasty has achieved is consistency. Consistently improving is the number one reason why dynasties are so hard to control or defeat. They never stay the same, and rarely stagnate because improvement is such a constant part of individual as well as team success. The greatest players and dynasties have always pushed their teammates to improve. To play hard, smart, and efficiently is the key to winning. And to continuously push themselves on a daily basis is the consistency of a champion.

It’s only until the chemistry and consistency are broken up that the dynasty will end, and some teams have one or the other. But until any team can continuously put together these four aspects over time, there will only be good teams. Thanks for reading. And remember, comment or follow me on Twitter for Hornets news, questions, and comments. Keep Swarming.

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