Charlotte Hornets: Michael Jordan Becoming A Good Owner

Oct 14, 2015, Shanghai, China; Charlotte Hornets principal owner Michael Jordan watches first half action against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Danny La-USA Today Sports
Oct 14, 2015, Shanghai, China; Charlotte Hornets principal owner Michael Jordan watches first half action against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Danny La-USA Today Sports /

For a long time Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets’ organization were mocked by other fans around the NBA but he has found a way to turn things around.

Michael Jordan used to be a laughing-stock around basketball circles when he started working in the front office for the Washington Wizards. That laughing continued when he transitioned to the front office for the Charlotte Bobcats.

However, just like the name Bobcats, Jordan’s image as a bad owner seems to be fading away. The team seems to be on the rise and recent moves the front office have made do not seem to be “Jordan front office moves”. Let us take a look at the things that have changed to make Jordan a better owner.

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No More Rapid Coaching Changes

When Jordan first came to Charlotte, coaching changes were common place with the franchise. Coaches came and went frequently. Matter of fact from 2004-2013 the team had five different coaches. So, in 9 years the team had five coaches. Did I mention the team had 5 coaches in 9 years? Yes, okay sorry then. That is a lot of coaches in the span of 9 years. A little less than 2 years per coach.

From 2013-2017 Steve Clifford will be the coach. It could be another 2 years after this coming season as well depending on decisions made in the front office. That will mean that at the very least he will have been the coach for the Charlotte Hornets for 4 years. The fact that Jordan is making sure he keeps the coach and team together to grow is a good sign for the franchise. Stability matters a lot in sports and the coaching position is important when it comes to this.

No More Yes Men/Women

Gone are the days of Jordan surrounding himself with people who do not speak their mind to Jordan. It is well-known that Jordan is a hard person to argue with (might have something to do with him being the G.O.A.T). When Rod Higgins stepped down as president of basketball operations for the Hornets that was the moment Jordan lost all of his yes men/women. Higgins is a good guy but he has always been friends with Jordan which made it hard for him to do his job. It is hard to tell your famous friend no.

Rich Cho will speak his mind to Jordan and does not hold back with him. Steve Clifford has the experience in the league to voice his opinion and garner respect. These two guys will help Jordan make better decisions in the future. Though Cho is not the greatest GM when it comes to the draft he is a great trade maker. Clifford and Cho will help bring more opinions that are backed with basketball insight.

Using His Image More

Jordan is one of the most famous athletes in the world. So, it could only benefit the Hornets as a franchise for him to be more open to the public. In recent years Jordan has attended more games in Charlotte. He has also given a few interviews as well. Even though a few of these interviews did not speak of the Hornets it is still important people see him in public. It lets people know he is trying to be more open and trying to fit in with the community.

It used to be hard to see Jordan in interviews at one point. Recent success for the Hornets (minor success) has gotten Jordan back into the public eye. He needs to keep showing himself in interviews and at events to let people know how powerful his image really is. The NBA needs a successful Jordan in terms of him being an owner. Everyone will remember when he thanked Kobe Bryant in his final season this past year.

Looking Into The Future

If Jordan can keep his hands off the franchise in terms of basketball decisions then the Hornets could compete for championships in the future. It might help to let Steve Clifford decide who gets drafted and let Cho decide salaries and trades.

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Outside of that it looks like Jordan has finally gotten a good grip on what it takes to be an owner. It is highly unlikely Jordan will deviate from this path and he will dominate the role he is in now no different from how he used to dominate the court. Go Hornets!