Hornet Talk with Dan Schultz

Oct 10, 2014; Greenville, SC, USA; The new Charlotte Hornets logo on the back of the warm ups prior to the game against the Washington Wizards at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 10, 2014; Greenville, SC, USA; The new Charlotte Hornets logo on the back of the warm ups prior to the game against the Washington Wizards at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports /

Our very own, Deshawn White, got the opportunity to talk to former Bleacher Report writer and current HoopsHabit and 2K writer, Dan Schultz, about the Charlotte Hornets.

One day talking to him, and you can tell he knows his basketball. On July  23rd, 2016 I got a chance to talk with a fellow writer and by far a better basketball mind than I. I was extremely fortunate to have a conversation via Twitter with Mr. Dan Schultz, a former writer for Bleacher Report (a site that I use daily) and current writer for 2K and HoopsHabit, was very open and kind when talking to me about writing as well as the hometown Charlotte Hornets.

As a writer, it is extremely special anytime you get to speak to a professional, so pardon my excitement. Without further delay, here is the Hornet Talk with Dan Schultz.

Being that you’re a busy man and If you’re familiar with it, what are your thoughts on the team’s offseason?

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Dan Schultz (@DSchultz89): Nothing spectacular but I thought they did a good job. The Batum contract was a tough pill to swallow but it had to be done given the upswing the market has seen. Belinelli was a solid pick up, and I think they’ll be even better next year with a healthy MKG back in the fold. Team chemistry and keeping most of your team together is underrated in sports, and I think that’s why they kept most of their squad.

We’re there any head scratching moves that caught your attention?

DS: Not really. At first the Batum contract seemed huge but a couple weeks later it’s actually a good deal. He’s an effective two way player who can play multiple positions. The Belinelli trade was a bit of a surprise but he’s a former champion who was in an awful situation in Sacramento last year. I think trading a late first round pick for him was a smart decision.

I can see what you’re saying, I think everyone was most surprised about the Hibbert signing. It was reported that the last major position was between him, Jordan Hill and Zaza Pachulia. I think the right decision was made. But let’s put Mr. Dan Schultz in the GM seat, what moves would you have made or considered?

DS: Hibbert was surprising but they need size. If I was GM I would be searching for a stretch four. Maybe would’ve pursued Ibaka since he was available, but apparently OKC’s asking price was pretty ridiculous as you saw with what they got for him from Orlando. But I think going after a stretch four that can space the floor out would be a good move. I don’t think Kaminsky is ready yet.

What about Marvin Williams?

DS: He’s not bad but I think they can do better. He’s more of a backup in my eyes.

Understandable. Now, as Charlotte is a up-and-coming team, unlike your contending San Antonio Spurs, how do you see the team progressing? Especially with the core of Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum and MKG?

DS: I think Kemba and Nic are great. MKG is solid but I question his offensive potential. I think they need a dominant big body down low so Kemba and Nic don’t have to handle most of the offense. I like those two and the Hornets would be smart to build around them, especially in a weak East. The more those guys play with one another, the better their chemistry will be.

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Nice… Last question. You guys play in the AT&T Center. You also play opponents in the Oracle Arena, American Airlines Arena and many more. All those names sound like great places because they are great arenas. But what do you think of when you hear Time Warner Cable Arena?

I think it’s a great arena with some incredible fans. We all know North Carolina is very proud of Michael Jordan, and the Duke-UNC rivalry is one of the best in sports. The fans seem to really welcome the fact that the team is named the Hornets once again. Aside from the purple shirt guy from the playoffs last season, the fans in the arena seem great and really energetic.

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Great answers from a great guy. If you’re interested if following Mr. Schultz or reading some of his work, check him out on Twitter at @DSchultz89 and check out @hoopshabit AND @2K for his great work. Thank you to Mr. Schultz and thanks for reading.