Charlotte Hornets: The Ongoing Facelift of Buzz City

Oct 29, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Hornets mascot Hugo the Hornet waives the banner before the tipoff of the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 29, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Hornets mascot Hugo the Hornet waives the banner before the tipoff of the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports /

With all of the recent improvements to not only the roster but to the organization as a whole, the Charlotte Hornets continue their ongoing facelift of Buzz City.

As the 2016-17 continues its slow approach, the Charlotte Hornets continue to its mission of modern basketball. Since the return of professional basketball in Charlotte, the team has played catch up to better teams in both play and presentation. But more and more over the last three years, the team has made significant efforts to improve the franchise in all facets.

Under the watchful eye of majority owner Michael Jordan, who has become a great owner (besides questionable draft choices), the Hornets have become a modern and trendy team in the NBA. With help from the Hornet’s front office, players and fans, the team has regained some of the luster and swag of the trendsetting 90’s team.

Not to say that the new look Hornets have achieved the status of Hornets past, but the modern take on the classic home team is certainly trending up. Here are a few basic ways that the team has improved in the last few years.

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Bringing the Hornets Back

In 2014, the Hornets name officially returned to the Carolinas. To the delight of MANY Charlotte fans and the players as well, the name change brought hope with the thought of a new future. The sinking ship that was the Bobcats, had so little bright spots that most fans found it hard to root for the home team.

However, the team needed a change, and one of many was coming. After years of dreadful Bobcats basketball, the team announced in 2013 that the Hornets name would return. And fans LOVED it. Also, returning to Charlotte would be fan favorite mascot Hugo the Hornet.

Honeycomb Layout

Also in 2014, in an anticipated event, the Hornets revealed their court layout for the foreseeable future. In a beautiful design, the magnificent stained honeycomb design highlighted the court, the new Hornet logo displayed at midcourt and the city of Charlotte’s Buzz City nickname icon on each side of the court.

Buzz City Unis

In 2015, during the team’s draft party, the team revealed one of the best uniforms in Hornets’ history. Modeled by Hornets’ defensive small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the stylish black sleeved uniforms with teal and white were received well by all fans. With Buzz City proudly spread across the chest and with teal hornets on both sides of shorts, the Hornets’ logo and nickname are well represented.


In a seemingly unforeseen chain of events, the Charlotte Hornets won 48 games and earned a trip to the Eastern Conference postseason. After an unsatisfying inaugural season, the team bounced back in a noticeable way. Led by players like Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams, Jeremy Lin, Courtney Lee and Big Al Jefferson, the team found a way to take the league by storm. Though the team did not advance to the second round of the playoffs, they did manage to take the Dwyane Wade led Miami Heat to seven games. The success renewed the hope of the team and the fans.

All-Star 20–

In 2015, the league awarded Charlotte the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend. To the delight of all Carolinians, the ability to host a national event would have earned the city $100+ million. However, an unpopular and hugely controversial law dubbed HB2 would be the dagger in everyone’s heart. In an understandable and justified move, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver pulled the plug on Charlotte’s All-Star hopes based on the HB2 law and changed destinations to New Orleans, Louisiana. But all isn’t lost for Charlotte faithfuls, the team still has time to secure the 2019 All-Star Weekend.

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Arena Renovations

In light of hosting an All-Star weekend, the team announced several renovations to their home. Highlighted by a large new state of the art scoreboard, four smaller new scoreboards, locker room and lounge renovations, 360 degree ribbon boards and other renovations, the additions aim to make the arena more modern. Most of the additions are scheduled to be done before the 2016-17 season. Once completed, the renovations should compare to some of the best of arenas in the league.

Arena Renaming

After a long and mostly disappointing history as both the Charlotte Bobcats Arena and most recently the Time Warner Cable Arena, the team announced on August 17, 2016, that the team’s arena would be renamed as the Spectrum Center.

After Charter Communications bought out Time Warner Cable, the days of the Time Warner Cable Arena became numbered. With Charter Communications calling its services Spectrum, the overall idea was that the arena name would soon change. And change it has. For the full story, visit here.

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With every small step that the team has made, the overall perception of the organization has increased. The 2016 Charlotte Hornets are not at the bottom of the league anymore. Their appearance and luster reflect their rise. As the team heads into yet another season, the positive changes continue to grow the Hornets’ brand. So, not too bad Mr. Jordan, the Hornets are growing into a stylish young team. But what do you think?