Buzz City Beat: Charlotte Hornets Raising Ticket Prices, Kemba’s Focused on Winning


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After a win over the Portland Trail Blazers, the Charlotte Hornets are set to host the Toronto Raptors in the second game of their five-game homestand. In this edition of Buzz City Beat, we look at the team raising ticket prices, Kemba Walker focused on winning over making the All-Star Game, and KW’s play has kept the team afloat.

Hornets are Slightly Raising Ticket Prices

“Charlotte Hornets season ticket prices are going up by 9% next season — and will be nudged higher for fans who buy after Feb. 16. The cost increase reflects greater demand for tickets and a shrinking number of available seats after several seasons of high renewal rates.” (

With the team’s rise in success and arena improvements, it was only a matter of time before the ticket prices resembled the growth of Charlotte. Fans might not be happy about this but it does show that the Hornets are getting better as ticket prices directly reflect how good a team in the NBA is doing. With one of the best stadiums in the league and a growing squad of talented players, the 9% increase is a small pill to swallow for fans as their team continues to improve.

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Kemba Focused on Winning, Not All-Star Game

“Kemba Walker is growing tired of the campaign trail to an All-Star Game spot. Don’t misconstrue this: He’d love to be recognized as one of the top dozen players in the Eastern Conference. He enjoyed doing the “Walker, Charlotte Ranger” video. He appreciates that teammates – particularly Nic Batum – want this for him. And he cherishes how the Hornets’ organization has worked to spread the word that he is worthy of this distinction. But he’s worn out on the questions with roughly a week until coaches pick seven All-Star reserves for each conference.” (

Walker went as far as to say that “I really don’t care, honestly” when talking about the All-Star Game this season. This is probably the best stance that any fan could want to hear from their team’s star player. It shows that Kemba is more committed to the team and winning than himself and personal awards. He also has the obligation to improve the Hornets’ current record as Walker and many others believed they would be in a much better spot than they currently are.

Walker’s Play Has Helped Charlotte Stay Afloat

“Regardless of whether Walker becomes Charlotte’s first All-Star since Gerald Wallace in 2010, he’s transformed himself from an inefficient, high-volume player a couple years ago to a franchise cornerstone.” (

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Without Kemba, the Charlotte Hornets would be in a bad spot. They would probably be one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference and not contending for a playoff spot. His outstanding play is the main reason why this team is as good as they are. There is no doubting that he is their MVP.