Charlotte Hornets: Kemba Walker addresses trade rumors

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 12: Kemba Walker
CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 12: Kemba Walker /

Kemba Walker has been the topic of discussion lately as the Charlotte Hornets’ point guard is at the center of numerous trade rumors.

In a recent interview with WFNZ, Kemba Walker joined Primetime with Chris Kroeger to discuss the Charlotte Hornets‘ struggles and the trade rumors surrounding the all-star point guard. The 27-year old talked a bit about the rumors but remains committed to his team. He also expressed his desire to stay with Charlotte.

When asked about the recent trade rumors, Kemba agreed that they are surprising and he added that they are “interesting.” Although a trade offer has not officially been reported by one of the big names (Woj, Shams, etc…), many articles from around the web and tweets from prominent NBA writers have surfaced about the possibility of the Hornets trading their best player.

Walker admitted that this is the first time he’s heard his name come up in trade rumors. Although he said he doesn’t know what will happen, the Hornets’ star indicated his desire to stay with Charlotte by saying he’s committed to the city and organization while also stating “I’m here for now and hopefully, for an even longer time.

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So far this season, Kemba is averaging 21.8 points per game, 5.8 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals while shooting 42.6% from the field, 34.9% from three and 84.8% from the free throw line. He leads the Hornets in scoring, assists, steals, field goals made, three’s made and free throws made this year.

Walker is easily the team’s best player and well on his way to a potential second straight all-star appearance. He is one of only five players this season to be in the top-20 in both points and assists with the other four being LeBron James, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard.

Here is the full transcript of Kemba Walker’s answer:

“No question (he wants to be here and win). I owe it to this organization, to this city, to do big things here and that’s what I plan on doing as long as I’m here. I can’t let rumors or anything get in my way. It’s just a rumor I guess. That’s just what people are writing. Like you said, I’m committed to this city, I’m committed to this organization. This is where I got my start and my opportunity. I don’t know what will happen. I’m here for now and hopefully, for an even longer time.”

Steve Clifford addressed the trade rumors as well. Charlotte’s head coach said that “I’d be shocked if he didn’t want to be here. I mean…he’s building a house here right now….I’ve been around long enough to know you never say never, but I just can’t see a scenario where that plays out.”

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These trade rumors have surfaced because of the Hornets’ struggles this season and Kemba’s rising notoriety around the league. Walker’s contract ending after next season and Charlotte’s impending salary cap problems have also helped spark these rumors. It will be interesting to see if these talks intensify as the NBA’s February 8th trade deadline draws near.