Charlotte Hornets: Ultimate all-time starting lineup

Charlotte Hornets Dell Curry. Credit: Doug Pensinger /Allsport
Charlotte Hornets Dell Curry. Credit: Doug Pensinger /Allsport /

Picking from the best Charlotte Hornets’ players ever, here’s who made the cut for the all-time Starting Five:

Throughout the years, the Charlotte Hornets have had a variety of players who have excelled at each of five positions on the team. Each position has always featured a player who played beyond what was asked of him. All of these players are featured between 1988-2018. All stats are based on their career totals as a Hornet/Bobcat.

Point Guard

Walker is hands down the best guard to run the point in Hornets history. While he still trails Muggsy Bogues by three thousand assists, he has been one of the most efficient guards in the team’s history. Walker is in his seventh year as a hornet and has a bright future with the franchise. Walker holds the record for most three’s made in Hornets’ history, and will most likely break one thousand by the end of this season.

Shooting Guard

  • Dell Curry: 9,839 PTS | 1,429 AST | 2,022 RBS | 747 STLS

While Curry started very few games for the Hornets, he is undoubtedly the franchise’s best shooting guard. Curry held the franchise’s records for career threes made before Kemba Walker broke it this season. While being one the franchise’s sharpshooters, Curry managed to shoot over 46% from the field in a span of ten seasons with the team. Curry is also the team’s leader in total points scored as a Hornet.

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  •  Gerald Wallace: 7,437 PTS | 1,100 AST | 3,398 RBS | 827 STLS | 531 BLKS

Wallace spent seven seasons with the Bobcats (Hornets) and established his self as one of the teams best defensive players. Gerald was a very efficient scorer, while also finding a way to the free-throw line. He leads the team in free-throws with 1,998. This record may not last since Walker is so close to breaking it.


  • Larry Johnson: 7,405 PTS | 1,553 AST | 3,479 RBS | 296 STLS | 163 BLKS

Johnson was right behind Wallace with his efficient scoring. He was an equal overall threat on the offensive side of the court for the five years that he spent with the team. He started almost every game for the Hornets while racking up almost twenty points per game. Larry is currently in the top three in free-throws made as a Hornets behind Kemba Walker. He does hold the record for most offensive rebounds as a hornet.


This may seem as a surprise because Okafor has better numbers as hornets, but based on skill, Mourning was truly the best center. He spent only three seasons with the Hornets, before leaving and joining other teams. He was one of the Hornets’ most dominant centers. He averaged about twenty points per game for the three seasons that he spent in Charlotte. One can imagine if he stayed a little longer in Charlotte and what he could have possibly done. Current center Dwight Howard has stated that he wants to finish his career in Charlotte, and based on his numbers so far, he set to break many of Alonzo’s records within three years, if he stays long enough. Howard also almost has half as many rebounds as Mourning does.

Other Notable Players

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All of these players have had a big impact on the team throughout the year, but when it is all said and done, this would truly be an ultimate team.