Trade Notebook: Kevin Love to the Hornets?


The Charlotte Hornets have lacked offensive consistency from the power forward position; could trading for veteran Love turn things around?

In recent games, the Charlotte Hornets have not had a lot of success at the power forward position. As of late, the Hornets have been in need of a true scoring threat at the four spot; this has been a position that the Hornets have lacked in production with.

As of late, trade speculations from bleacher report state that Kevin love would be a perfect fit for the Hornets.  Could the Hornets be possibly bold enough to make a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Currently, Kevin Love is averaging 19 points and 13.5 rebounds per game; these are easily All-Start caliber numbers.  If Charlotte decided to trade cor love, it would be a huge upgrade for their frontcourt.

Personal Trade Thoughts

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently winless, and trade rumors surround their locker room.  The team is also looking to trade Tristan Thompson; this may a lower Love’s trade value if Cleveland is trying to trade multiple players separately.

In this trade, I could see the Hornets trading away Nicolas Batum, Willy Hernangomez and a possible second-round draft pick. The reason I mention Hernangomez is that his minutes have fallen and he may also be on the one to be traded, if not Bismack Biyombo.

Batum, on the other hand, is a whole different reason. Trading him to the Cavaliers would give the team the playmaker at the small forward spot that they have been missing since the departure of LeBron James.

While Batum is nothing close to the level James is on, he still possesses the playmaking abilities that they need. Also, the draft pick included would be fair for the Cavaliers as they are rebuilding.

With the addition of Kevin Love, the Hornets would find their way back up the rebound rankings and also be more offensively efficient. It can also be noted that the pick and fade game for the team would tremendously increase as well with this addition.

Fans’ Reactions and Final Thoughts

In a tweet on Friday, I asked Hornets fans how they felt about the trade. Many of the fans automatically wanted to trade Batum with Biyombo, but this trade would not work for the sheer fact that it would possibly put the Cavaliers near the cap limit with both of their contracts.

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If the Hornets are willing, they could also possibly throw Frank Kaminsky into a trade as well. Kaminsky has seen minimal minutes with the team this season, and it may be about time to say farewell.

If the Hornets look to trade all three of these players to get Love; it will also help to get rid of future contracts, so that guard Kemba Walker can easily resign with the team. While Walker has stated that he wants to play for Charlotte for the rest of his career; the team should give him another All-Star, such as Kevin Love.